Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank you!

Second post of the day to say thank you. Thank you to all you couples pose makers, and you know who you are, that are putting pictures in with your poses. Heaven knows I have balls... not those you pervs... couples pose balls... in my inventory. ;) I have a million... okay, maybe not a million but enough to make me think there is.

In the beginning, I had great plans to make this neat little storage area for all my couples pose balls. With little pictures above them for people to pick and choose from... but as prim space would have it, my prim space that is, that just didn't work out. Sooooo having the photos makes a world of difference, so THANK YOU!

But... and there is always a but... let me just say... if there is anyone out there, someone, a nerd, a geek, a code god... anyone that has the ability to make a stand, where I can just drop alllllllll my little couples pose balls into it without having to re-write War and Peace I would name my first born child after you. Seriously... I'm not kidding. On the top of my wish list is a stand that I can use for all my couples poses that even a technically handicapped person such as myself could use.

Sooooo... if you know of one... or someone, call me... IM me, note card me, hell send a carrier pigeon just contact me.

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