Saturday, July 4, 2009

If These Walls Could Talk - A Challenge to Tenshi Vielle


After a conversation with Pixeleen Mistral about a one sided article written in her paper, she assured me that she wanted to have more than one side of this story. By her request I wrote this article. After I sent it to her , she never responded to any of my messages. I take this action to mean the SL Herald has no interest in seeing any other side of this story. photoLIFE will soon begin the task of getting a professional review from a journalist who takes pride and honor in their work ... that work will be pubilshed as soon as its available. Our product, the photoLIFE 3.0 is held in high regard by hundreds of users. I believe a full and fair review will indicate this as well.

If These Walls Could Talk - A Challenge to Tenshi Vielle

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is OomPoppaMowMow Snookums, the creator and owner of the photoLIFE Photography System. If you’ve ever heard the song “Elvira” by the Oakridge Boys then you probably recognize the name. Yeah… you're welcome. I know you’re trying to get that song out of your head now. I suggest the Gilligan's Island theme for that. Anyway, recently an article was published in the Herald targeting photoLIFE as a company that casually disregarded someone’s artistic rights and seemed to feel good about doing it, while just a few articles below, the editor of the Herald states in an article of her own that “The Herald adheres to the highest standards of journalistic integrity”. While I can say I feel very confident this editor purposes to uphold these standards, I’d like to address the standards held in the article about photoLIFE written by Tenshi Vielle.

Obviously me being personally involved I'm here to give a different side of the story. I commend the great editor for allowing it and offer a sound ear for any reasonable feedback. Rather than spend a large amount of time trying to convince you what we "really meant" by uploading someone's photos without permissions, or why it wasn't "really that bad", I'd rather take you on a different journey. One that isn't based on what my view is, but one that has been agreed to by all parties involved. Yes, that’s right. The photographer whose work was mishandled has agreed to all of the following points.

1. The photo that was allegedly being sold was actually a 20 meter long wall that contained a total of 19 other photographs from several other photographers all linked together, many of which contained the name of the photography studio right on the photo itself. The wall also had the name of the photoLIFE Flickr site written on it showing where these photos were located. Can anyone imagine who would want to purchase a 20 meter long wall of photos from photography studios around the grid? Common sense says nobody except maybe the owner of the photography studio used to make the photos would have a need for an item like that. Would You Buy This Wall? The photos appearing on this wall are all replacements by Team photoLIFE members so that the exhibit could continue in the SLBD event. We received 20 high quality full perm photos to use on the wall within 5 minutes of the request. Thank you Team photoLIFE.

2. The SLBD event does not allow any items up for sale. That fact alone should help suggest that this was a mistake. The builder of the wall exhibit used a prim from his inventory that had once been used to sell something. He was in a very big hurry to finish the build for me and never stopped to check permissions on his wall.

3. LL has reviewed the incident and the exhibit was corrected to comply with TOS. Intent has a lot to do with how something is handled. Doing photography in SL for almost 2 years and running a group of over 500 photographers we have never had a case where one photographer was stealing another’s work to profit, but imagine a 20 foot wall of photographs with the logo of the studio and photographers name on the front of most.

4. The individual whose work was taken without permission states that she never felt like the intention to take her material was malicious, but that if the other individual involved would have been more apologetic than this story would have never been told. Everyone involved agreed that this was not handled correctly and again new policies are in place to prevent this from happening again, but would the story have been as interesting to have heard the individual never felt it was intentionally malicious.

5. As soon as I became aware of this incident I contacted the individual involved to personally apologize. This was never written or followed up about but photoLIFE was portrayed to be as thoughtless and heartless as possible.

6. The writer of the article and the photographer involved are personal friends. Probably a good reason not to mention this one. Not giving full disclosure of these facts prevents the reader from being able to judge clearly how unsensational this story really is. Makes it harder to get those hits on the blogs, yanno.

7. The photographer had an already well known dislike for the photoLIFE staff. They've stated that this whole problem would have just gone away if the builder of the wall would have been more kind. While I do agree with that statement, I do believe the level of hostility was far worse due to the already strained relationship between the two.

Hardly the same story huh? You know these kinds of facts are hard to miss.

For me, I can understand why this photographer is angry. They had a right to be. I can accept the fact that a mistake was made and some public trust was lost. I will work hard to restore trust in the company I have worked so hard to create. What I can’t accept is not making every effort to make sure that all the facts of this story are told.

I have implemented 10 new policies that are designed to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. I have discussed this issue with the photographer on numerous occasions emphatically apologizing for all that was done wrong, and recently published a public apology, not for public opinion, but based on a conversation I had with this photographer. We have a relationship that is important to me. Yes, even after all of this.

While portraying our company in the worst possible light wasn’t good enough for the writer, her partner decided to join the fun and write a review of our flagship product on their blog. Can you guess where this is going? It's not really hard is it? This review was said to be a 5 minute “look” at our system. A system that’s estimated to have a 2 week learning curve got a 5 minute "look" without any demonstration from any photoLIFE rep involved. Nice review huh. I can see the creators around SL lining up for these 5 minute reviews now.

It’s no surprise it was less than stellar. The truth is the photoLIFE system is one of the most comprehensive available and 5 minutes can not begin to give a clear picture of what it is capable of. For any review ever done on the system, we offer a demonstration by someone who is familiar with it. We've had many reviews done and this is the first that wasn't absolutely 100 percent positive. I constantly get individuals contacting me saying how much they love their studio long after they’ve purchased it.

Anyone that knows me or has ever met me in photoLIFE will tell you that I don’t push my products. I often suggest that others go around SL and see what’s available, to take their time, and that photoLIFE isn't for everyone. Also, our customer service program has been said by many to be the best in SL and I'll proudly stand by that statement.

-------The Challenge To Tenshi Vielle--------------

A challenge for a full and fair review on the photoLIFE 3.0 studio.

The Rules
A demonstration given by myself at my home in SL lasting 1-2 hours.
The Editor of the Herald will be invited to attend.
Your review must be based on a fair perspective on what the studio actually does.
You can't use excessive profanity or strange versions of the words douche.
You can't be personally insulting.
No promotional statements of other products offered by other companies. Comparisons are fine as long as it’s not an obvious promotion.
The review must be written in a fair and professional manner not discussing outside issues other than the performance of the studio itself.

If you decide to accept the challenge you will be compensated for your time to stand for the review and the article you write. 3000L appears to be a fair price for these two things. You will also be given a gift certificate of the photoLIFE 3.0 studio to use yourself or give to a photographer friend for references during the writing of the review.

During the demonstration you will be able to bring one photographer friend along with you. This photographer must have been in the photography business in SL with a commercial studio in business for at least 90 days. We are flexible on this requirement but you can see it would make sense for a fair review of a photography studio.

If you decide to accept this challenge, know that I do have knowledge of you as a very talented and capable writer. I'd just like you to do it with full knowledge of the product.

Once your review is written, and it meets the criteria stated above, I will publish it in the Opium Sim blog and send it to the Team photoLIFE group. That's me being fair.

If the product sucks horribly you should be very excited about another opportunity to tear it apart publicly. It's my hopes that you'll see what over 1000 other users have seen. A studio built with the development and feedback of hundreds of photographers doing business in SL.

I look forward to your response.

OomPoppaMowMow Snookums


Anonymous said...

Tenshi has never been fair unless it's to a friend or someone she can get something from. It's her way or no way and she is always right in her eyes no matter how wrong she is, drama always prevails for her.

Anonymous said...

What other side of the story?

Anonymous said...

A response was received from Tenshi. She declined. As soon as a full review of our product is available we will publish it.

- Team photoLIFE

Whispers said...

Yanno this is one of those cases that if Photolife just let it would be in their best interest. Every time they open their mouth it makes it look worse for them as they twist things trying to make it look better for them and it doesn't. Just let it go.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Whispers, Tenshi won't let it go. She continues to try and tear down an established business at any cost. This was posted AFTER a scathing report on SL Herald was published and yet again a negative blog post on SCD. I think it's only fair that photoLIFE does everything in their power to stand up to this.

Caydeepants said...

So photoLIFE is offering a bribe to bloggers for reviews of their photo studio and you don't see a problem with this? You also don't see a problem with the passive aggressive manner in which pL handled all of this I presume. "Sorry that happend, but if you hadn't been such a pain in the butt constomer of ours we would have taken this more seriously" does not set a positive tone for future or present consumers.

Opinions aside there are facts in this that pL has chosen to ignore. And no matter how many pL reps step up to the soap box to defend it, bottom line is 99.9% of this mess could have been avoided had Greg just apologized either publicaly or privately to Darkley. He chose not to or a gag order was issued, but pL is the business in this scenario...and offering bribes for reviews is not professional.

Cherie, you are not an unbiased view in either case...sorry to say it. Being that you are CCO of Opium and one of pL's CP's or CSR's gives you bias. I realize the urge to defend your pay checks or friends may have risen, but right now the best thing for pL would be to lay low and let things blow over...a tactic that's worked well for many large businesses in the real world.

Kasen Kazan said...

While I do not really care for Tenshi, I do read SCD. It is always the same little group that sticks up for Tenshi, and a very few outsiders that don't. (and they are usually dogged for it.)
I do know OomPoppaMowMow, and have been in several meetings with him.
I do believe that he is fair and honest more than most in SL.
Also owning a photography studio in SL for over a year I have used photolife 2, I refused to upgrade to photolife 3 due to the fact that it does take a lot of time to read over the instructions. I am happy using photolife 2. I also stand firm that one does not need a photo studio to take and make great shots in sl. You just need an editing program on your computer to rework your snapshots.
If anyone wants to pay out the lindens for a studio, so be it. It is no different than someone going to but a dress that Tenshi or one of her flunkies blogs about. If someone likes it let them buy it.
As stated OomPoppaMowMow is as fair and honest as one can expect to find in Second Life.

Anonymous said...

Candy, while I appreciate your opinion, I must disagree. First, why is this a bribe? Tenshi wrote an article in the SL Herald claiming a "5 minute review" told her all the bad things she needed to know about the photoLIFE studio. Is that fair? I think offering a fair AUTHENTIC review challenge is a great idea. I'd like to see more business owners do that. Also, I don't think Oom ever said anything like, "Sorry that happend, but if you hadn't been such a pain in the butt constomer of ours we would have taken this more seriously". He publicly apologized in a very gracious manner. And while you have every right to your opinion of whether or not you think I'm biased or not, again, I'm gonna go with not. If for one second I felt Oom was in the wrong. I would be there in his face and he knows it. And most people that know me, know that as well. In addition, it wasn't Oom that kept this ball rolling on the contrary, it was SCD aka, Tenshi.

Anonymous said...

"The photographer had an already well known dislike for the photoLIFE staff. They've stated that this whole problem would have just gone away if the builder of the wall would have been more kind. While I do agree with that statement, I do believe the level of hostility was far worse due to the already strained relationship between the two."

Anonymous said...

You didn't want full disclosure?

Anonymous said...

", I don't think Oom ever said anything like, "Sorry that happend, but if you hadn't been such a pain in the butt constomer of ours we would have taken this more seriously"."

Anonymous said...

See to me it appears that no matter what he said, some of you have such a hate-on that it wouldn't matter anyway. So he discloses there was evidently personal differences between the two. You then say he's claiming this happened because there were differences. "...but if you hadn't been such a pain in the butt constomer of ours..."

But assuredly had he not said something, one of you would say he didn't disclose the fact that there were personal issues there.

Geez people... seriously now. This thing happened. It was bad. Not good. It was wrong, not right. Apologies were made...publicly. Attempts at making things right were made and refused. What more does someone have to do? I pray I am never on the wrong side of one of you, because clearly forgiveness or whatever you want to call it, is not in your inventory.

Caydeepants said...

Greg never apologized Cherie. Publically or privately, to Darkely or even in a general manner. (My name, also, is Caydence, not Candy. And only my friends or people who know me are given any license with shortening it.) If you want fair assessments of the product, first off don't offer to pay people. Drop review copies on any blogger and if they feel the product is quality they will review it. That's the way it works, at least among most of us bloggers.

I don't have issue with the product, as I've never tried it. I have issue with the fact that Greg never apologized. He should have, as the CSR involved who handled things so very poorly. Whether Oom proceeded to apologize is not the issue either. The fact that he did and then proceeded to throw mud at Darkley for being a "pain in the butt customer" almost in the same sentence pretty much negated the sincerity of anything he said.

Cling to the misguided premise that you have no bias in matters involving photoLIFE if it makes you feel better. But your working relationship with them is the very definition of bias when conflicts arise.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Caydeepants, I clearly misread your name. My apologies. And you're incorrect. Greg did apologize I've seen the text.

But if anyone is clinging to anything, it's you. No matter what, for whatever reason, you've chosen to remain hostile.

You say "throw mud" and I don't get that. You choose to take a simple admission of truth and turn it into something venomous.

Personally, I think life is too short for hostility. Especially in light of the fact that everything and I do mean everything has been attempted to rectify the situation and apologize to Darkly.

Seeing that you choose to remain in denial of those facts only supports my comments above regarding clinginess.

Just because I work for a business associated with photoLIFE doesn't mean I have no opinion.

If and should a circumstance arise involving photoLIFE that is clearly a purposeful, and meaning attempt to hurt someone, something, or some business, rest assured being friends or not, I'll voice that opinion as well.

Lastly, let me just say that I enjoy listening to others opinions on matters. Even if I don't like the person. I still like hearing the opinions. Why? Well, for me it's good insight into a persons character.

Thanks for sharing yours.

Caydeepants said...

Show me the chat logs where Greg apologized or send me a link to where those logs have been made known. Because I have asked Darkley directly and no apology was ever made. I would like very much to be shown where he did, as this could very well change my opinion on how he handled matters.

And Cherie, believe me, your backhanded comment at the end there was not overlooked as being very much like the way photoLIFE likes to handle people, including its customers. And that in itself does much to shed light on your character.

Anonymous said...

Caydeepants, if you took that as a backhanded comment, and therefore think less of me because of it, you're entitled to your own opinion. However, it's simply the truth whether you like it or not.

I'll give you an example. I personally dislike George W. Bush.

As a whole, I think he was one of the worst presidents of the USA ever.

But, he did do a great job in providing aid to Africa for AIDS. Huge. And that, I respected. So, what does this say?

Does this mean his character is flawless? Absolutely not. No one is flawless. However, it does provide some insight.

Now, if you're feeling personally attacked, perhaps you should resolve the feelings you have of hostility, because I have no issues with you, or anyone else for that matter. My issue is with the actions of people.

If I made you think with that comment, then that's good. If it's painful, well sometimes we have growing pains.

And lastly, sadly I don't have a chat log to show you. With all of the chat that has gone back and forth and of course it not being mine, I can't place my hands on it. But, I will tell you I believe Darkley's response to his apology was that she didn't feel it was a sincere apology.

Caydeepants said...

The problem is, Darkley can provide chat logs to back up everything she said. I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but chat logs were provided which showed that she was not the only one to see the 1000 L$ price tag on the photo wall in question. So without chat logs, and with Darklet telling me specifically that Greg never apologized to her either publically or via IM's...there really just is no proof that Greg did.

As far as the other things, call it what you will but I am happy with myself also and certainly have no hostile feelings towards anyone or anything in all of these shennanigans.

If you do come across some sort of proof that Greg apologized other than conjecture though, do be sure to let the world know.

Amira Footman said...

First of all, Cherie, I just want to say that I am a big fan of your photography work and a bit of a hero of mine :o)

Secondly, I have had rather sour dealings with Oom in the past so I suppose it could be suggested I am biased, probably as biased as I'd be if, like yourself, I still worked with him. I'm not saying you're being biased on purpose, just that it is understandable you see things from a certain angle due to your affiliation. I think things are being clouded on both sides, but from what I can make out these are the main points people are trying to get across to the pL team.

1) Generally everyone is accepting that Greg made an honest error.

2) Broad opinion seems to be that Greg handled the aftermath of said honest error in a way unbecoming of his position within the PhotoLIFE team.

3) The issue that, as far as everyone can make out thus far, Greg has made no public apology to Darkley, or any attempt to publicly explain his reasons for behaving the way he did.

4) The feeling that the general apology Oom made on behalf of photoLIFE as an organization did not come across to be sincere, rather, instead of holding his hands up and saying, without added clauses and excuses, explainations, whatever, that he did not condone Greg's behaviour and would be working closely with him to ensure he made amends to Darkley and received proper disciplinary action, or training, or whatever, to make sure another situation does not arise in the future. Instead, the statements made do give the impression of Oom trying to cover for Greg with talk of 'policy changes'. At no time was there any indication that anyone was taking personal responsibility.

5) The impression that instead of retaining a graceful silence after the initial furore had died down, and concentrate on rebuilding his brand's reputation, Oom instead came back in defence mode and offered to pay Tenshi to write a 'fair and balanced' review of PhotoLIFE studio. Surely the reaction received to this frankly absurd (and actually rather insulting) proposal was expected?

6) As for "As soon as a full review of our product is available we will publish it.

- Team photoLIFE" this is really being a glutton for punishment! What exactly is this going to achieve? Apart from keep this drama going on and on and on? Does anyone at pL really think that if everyone reads a review from someone giving the studio a thumbs up it'll change anyone's mind? Believe me, it won't, in fact, it will have the very opposite effect.

In closing, in my own humble opinion, the very best way forward from here for PhotoLIFE is to make NO further comment, press release, review, proposal or anything like it. To step back gracefully, accept that damage has been done, to find an experienced public relations officer who understands how to handle these situations and work privately as an organization to ensure nothing like this happens again.

Cherie Parker said...

Hello Amira and thank you for your comments. I'm happy that you enjoy my art. :)

I know it would be easy for people to see me as biased since I work for a business Oom owns.

However, when Tenshi did this to someone else I knew, of whom I did not work for but felt was getting just pile drived I also took a stand.

I don't believe it's a matter of Greg apologizing or not. Because before it was a matter of Oom apologizing or photoLIFE.

And he did that, graciously, publicly and you (and by you, I mean those standing with Tenshi) still want his head on a stake.

You see, what's happened is, Tenshi has made this one of her patented "take down" sessions.

It appears as if she will do anything to destroy the reputation of a business.

This had died down, and nothing had been said by photoLIFE. And then... Tenshi writes this

So who isn't letting it die?

Also, that was hardly a bribe to review the studio. Again, their was a posting of another blog with the "5 Minute review" in which Oom responded with his challenge.

I just know he felt he needed to offer to compensate her for her time for sitting for 2 hours whilst he demonstrated otherwise you would have heard the opposite yelps. You know... "I sat there for 2 hours and lost money!"

Don't you see, no matter what attempts are made to set things right, demonstrate differently, correct inconsistencies, Tenshi has set her sights on photoLIFE and like a mob of angry monster hunters people follow along.

It's so sad to think people no longer have original thought but have to follow someone with such a venomous purpose.

Why do people want to destroy rather than rebuild... I don't get that. I never will.

Anonymous said...

"However, when Tenshi did this to someone else I knew, of whom I did not work for but felt was getting just pile drived I also took a stand."

Show us your working Cherie, because so far you have showed a distinct lack of evidence for any of your claims. Are you talking about EnCore? or someone else entirely?

Anonymous said...

The reason why paying for a review is wrong is because it's payola, how can any review be impartial if its paid for?

oh - and maybe PhotoLIFE could do with a copy of this

Anonymous said...

Tenshi has to be stopped and the time is now.
Some of her targeted victims in SL ( Minnu, Encore etc ) should go ahead and file a RL lawsuit against her malicious wrong doings and exploitation of Sl biz and SL citizens alike! Why do you all kiss up to her? She knows what she is doing but you all still let her continue to libel and slander & dish out dirt against anyone whom she decides is doing wrong. She is a 24 year old woman, married with a small kid, paying more attention to self created Internet drama then her own family. Tenshi needs to be locked up in a psycho ward.
I know Tenshi is terrified someone coming after her, told by her close friend Dancien Graves. She lives in small town in North Carolina where everyone knows everyone.
Time to step up to the plate and stop her. Really it is not that hard.

Anonymous said...

No Anon, not Encore. And my claims of behavioral actions needs no evidence from me.

You see, when Tenshi is done with this one, there will be another. And the same group of people will probably follow along. Sad that so many people want destruction, failure and will hop on the band wagon to ensure it happens.

Where are the ideas for success? Where are the concepts for improvement? Instead it seems to be easier for people to just keep trying to tear things down.

You know, I understand all about gossip rags, they're making money. Selling their publications for sensationalism, to people that just can't help but want to believe "really people are all bad" or “it’s just so much fun to revel in another’s misery”.

But I refuse to believe that people are “all bad”. No matter what I will maintain that most people are inherently good. It’s the handful of bullies that get the attention yes, they keep propagating it to keep it alive. But in order for me to keep going forward, I need to believe that good out weighs bad.

And to me, evidently Tenshi must have a motive for taking the bully stance. Money? I don't know, perhaps from advertisements, etc. Whatever, it doesn't matter. But see if that were all I guess I could accept it, but somehow I feel there is something more behind her pitt bull behavioral tactics when in attack mode.

I thought I might do some research on what causes people to “bully”. And came across a couple of quotes from two different doctors I found to be quite interesting.

According to Dr. Jessica Daniel a Children's Hospital Boston psychologist; “Bullying is a way to gain power. But in the long run, it creates a lose-lose situation," she says. "It's a different philosophical stance to try to gain power over a person through bullying, versus negotiating or discussing a matter in order to come to a mutually acceptable agreement."

“Most children who bully have average or even high self-esteem. They bully, says Dr. Miriam Hirschstein, Ph.D., a research scientist with the Committee for Children, “because they believe they will get social mileage out of it.” As a related fact, 85 percent of bullying incidents involve bystanders. “Bullying,” she says sadly, “can help you be a very popular child.”

Another interesting bit of information I found was this one:

A bully is a person who:

Is primarily concerned with their own pleasure

Wants power over others and is willing to use and abuse other people to get what they want.
Is consistent with whatever type of abuse they specialize in
Is unwilling to recognize that there could be better ways of behaving.
Bullying is obsessive and compulsive; they have to have someone to bully and appear to be unable to survive without a current target.

Now granted Tenshi is not a child, or at least I don’t believe her to be. But that doesn’t change the premise or behavioral actions that “bullies” embody.

Whether one bullies to gain power or attention, it’s the same outcome. Never a good one.

Anonymous said...

Thoughout this whole saga, PhotoLIFE have been standing firmly in the bully pulpit pontificating over everyone elses motives and point of view, never listening and only complaining.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ Anon. I don't think I've read photoLIFE pontificate, nor have I read them to be bullying. Can you say the same for Tenshi?

But, really, it's clear you cant see logic Anon, so you keep on with that hate-on, I'm sure it will serve you well. (That's me being sarcastic)

Anonymous said...

So the 'ask to leave the group and all PL groups inworld and in flickr' is not bullying?

Is loaded apologies and passive aggressive blaming of Darley for the situation not bullying?

And you pontificate Cherie, you seem to have placed yourself in a lofty position where you spout your sanctimonous opinions as fact and patronise anyone who dares disagree with you. That, is bullying too.

The only hate I am reading is from you 'dear'

Anonymous said...

lol I find that funny coming from someone that doesn't have the guts to use their own name. :) Have a great life sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

smart comeback Cherie, I feel totally *zinged* by that one

(that was me being sarcastic)

Cherie Parker said...

Well sweetie, see the thing is, every time you post, you're only reinforcing my point about bullies. :) You keep rehashing the same stuff over and over and over. Soooo anywho... take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Cherie, when you allow anon comments that attack Tenshi and mention "Getting her" you have hardly a leg to stand on concerning bullying or cowardice in regards to anon comments.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...small town in North Carolina. Any other clues? Tenshi obviously has no fear of outing others or their names/locations, so why should she not be subject to the same. She is unscrupulous and needs to be chopped down a few marks.

Anonymous said...

*points up*

See what I mean Cherie?

Cherie Parker said...

Hey Dancien, welcome aboard! Everyone is free to comment here. Just like you. And since you're one of Tenshi's friends it's logical that you stand up for her.

My comments regarding bullying were simply a broad statement of what I had discovered in my research and what I thought about that with regards to Tenshi's behavior.

If however you're implying that I should stand up for Tenshi to whomever wants to make a comment here, well I am sorry. I don't feel obligated to stand up for someone that is so obviously a bully.

Will I use bully tactics? No. Not my style. Will I support, defend and foster someone who does? No.

Inferring that I do because someone else makes a comment is pretty weak Dancien. As you can see, there are plenty of opinions here and everyone is entitled to their own.

Anonymous said...

Dancien - you are one of those who feeds Tenshi's frenzy more often than not. So you fall into the same category in my opinion.

Cyber-bullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others, or ganging up on victims by making them the subject of ridicule in forums, and posting false statements as fact aimed at humiliation.

If that is not 99.9% of the SCD forum, I will eat my damn hat!

If she gets outed, believe me, she has earned it royally, and anyone who chooses to support her and her cyberbullying witter bullshit deserves the same.

She is afraid? How about the others she has disparaged and ran down in her trashy little blog. You think they are not in fear of something happening to them? I have absolutely NO sympathy for Tenshi or the others at SCD. In fact, I am rather hacked off that people actually support her drama-mongering. She is a prat and a waster. All those who cast stones at SCD with Queen Tenshi at the realm, well they are all pond scum if you ask me. So bugger off.

Anonymous said...

Well Cherie, you're already supporting people who are using bullying tactics, but hey that's okay. And for the record, I am not defending Tenshi. Tenshi is a big girl and can handle herself.

And sorry whoever that was, I only respond to comments from people who are not cowards and put a name behind their words.

Cherie Parker said...

I have to disagree Dancien, but you knew that was coming. ;) I mean, say I were to work for someone like Tenshi, or support them in their work, then I would say, yep, you're right Dancien. But no. This is an open forum and everyone has the right to their opinions.

Anonymous said...

Well Dancien dear, you would not like to know who I really am. That would stir up more worms than a good downpour. Let's just say my rundown on SCD has happened more than once and still gets a mention once in a good bit and the bullshit information released by Tenshi on me did cause me difficulties in RL, guess that is why I am so very bitter. Now, lets see if you and Queenie can put on your detective caps without the privy IP logging information and figure out the mystery Anon.

Anonymous said...

Well you're either Amelia or Elexor (syntax is really hard to change btw) either way if you think we have some magic tool that can track IP addresses from a blog that isn't ours then you may indeed be dumber than a bag of hammers

Also, Tenshi usually has a habit of blogging the people who screw up. So, what did you do?

Anonymous said...

(insert buzzer here) wrong answer, but thank you for playing.

What did I do, laugh, I merely had a bump in the road called life.

I would also watch that hammer comment, you just described the vast majority of those who visit the SCD forum. I am not a stupid as you think I am.

Run along now, your friends must be missing you and your cybersupport.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about Tenshi on Plurk shall we?
I invite you all to join via anon or your reg SL name. Of course I suspect Dancien to join and spy as well.
Let's get Tenshi's head rolling!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Hey there Voldemort

Anonymous said...

Voldemort? Good heavens. You are a child aren't you. I read that to my little one. He is anxious to see the new release in a week or so. Sigh. There is a thing called the teen grid.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is you have no clue who I am Dancien. Never been infected by this bitch. But watched her side show for the past 3 years. You will never know lol

Cherie Parker said...

Well dangit.. I don't really plurk... but I do have a plurk.. so someone invite me! lolol!

Cherie Parker said...

Anon, I'm sorry but you're getting to close to outing someone's real life information and as much as I loath the style of Tenshi, I just can't let that happen here. I hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

Invite coming here :

Anonymous said...

I do Cherie. But you shouldnt be scared. This has to stop for once and for all. By letting her slip away again she will never stop.
I know that bitch is pissing her britches by now

Tenshi said...

Yes, I am pissing myself from laughter

Anonymous said...

We will find you Tenshi. I am not far away from you.

Word is my bond............

Anonymous said...

Wait.... you are going to now try to BRIBE someone to play nice and do a review of your product, under your specified restrictive conditions of course. Do you people know what public relations actually are?

Lets have an analogy eh? RL store copies a pic from a fan site without permission and puts it on a display, an employee mistakenly puts a price tag on it. When the original artist spots the display and contacts the store rep, he argues that she should be honored they used it and brushes off COMPLETELY her concerns that he stole her work. When she elevates it to a store manager saying she wants to make a complaint, the manager says ok, make your complaint and gtfo of the store. THEN, when said person goes back and starts riling up on the internet about how she was treated, the OWNER of the store jumps in the fray and makes their apologies, but then backhandedly states that she was a problematic customer anyway who could never be satisfied but the company REALLY has great customer service skills. Meanwhile, everyone starts popping out of the woodwork to jump on the bandwagon about how bad the company's products are. Then the company issues a statement to control the backlash that involves this stupid 'let's pay one of the people who are leading the pitchfork wielding mob to review the product.'

Do you REALLY think this has been your finest moment in ANY of the incidents above? Are you trying to use reverse psychology and choose the WORST course of action in dealing with customers? As an outside observer, even reading just one half of THE FACTS presented here make me not want to do business with your company. And you just plowing ahead with these utterly stupid course of actions which just keep digging you farther in the hole. Plus letting your friend/employees/spokespersons continue to argue the inane points of it (oh it was a paltry amount, oh everyone is ganging up on us, there is a vendetta against us, Tenshi is a bully!!!) works only to your detriment.

My suggestion... SUCK IT UP, your company, on several levels of customer service/public relations, have made lots of mistakes. Cut your losses now, take the high road, and try to put the drama behind you and present your product in the best light possible. Issue an apology without backhanded comments, flowery statements about 'policies' and just say, 'we messed up, we will do better in the future'. But continue to try to justify your obviously wrong handling of the situation and trying to engage the pitchfork wielding mob with more stupidity doesn't paint you in the best of light. Exercise some self preservation and put your heads together on a better way to move forward.

Cherie Parker said...

Ok Anon, clearly you misread the challenge. The money wasn't for doing a review, rather for the 2 hours spent and what writers get paid to do their craft. Geez.. get a clue.

As far as sucking anything up dear, please, feel free to suck up your comments as you don't have a gnats inkling of an idea what's been done already.

Apologies made. Publicly, privately, etc. etc. etc. I happen to have been in the company of both people and know what went on. Please, really it's people like YOU that continue to keep this rolling. But again, you knew this.

Caydeepants said...

Have you found those chat logs of Greg's apology yet? Just wondering.

Cherie Parker said...

No I haven't. I sure wish I could though. But like I said, even with, she did say she felt it was insincere.

Darkley Aeon said...

I have not recieved an apology from Greg Paslong

Anonymous said...

Umm..newsflash..Tenshi is a bully! Are you new here?

Cherie Parker said...

"Darkley Aeon: if i had an apology from PL then it would have dropped"

You did say this though didn't you Darkley? And you did receive an apology from Oom aka photoLife didn't you?

Darkley Aeon said...

you are misquoting me, but i said If i had had an apology at the start it would have been dropped, I have done nothing since passing the chatlogs to tenshi, I havent written blog posts and i have stayed away from commenting apart from correcting mistakes.

Greg never apologised

Oom did, I believed it was geniune - after the SCD article

Cherie Parker said...

I absolutely am not misquoting you Darkley, THAT quote is directly from the chat log. From the day you met with Oom and me.

Darkley Aeon said...

can I have some context then please and a direct cut and paste

Darkley Aeon said...

its ok, i found it

[2009/06/26 12:22] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: you were
[2009/06/26 12:22] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: and Im an truly sorry for that
[2009/06/26 12:22] Darkley Aeon: i believe you Oom
[2009/06/26 12:22] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: its nothing I want to see happen to anyone
[2009/06/26 12:23] colleen Criss: the malice here Darkely was on your part
[2009/06/26 12:23] colleen Criss: not pL
[2009/06/26 12:23] Darkley Aeon: no, not at all
[2009/06/26 12:23] Darkley Aeon: if greg had said sorry at the start i would have dropped it
[2009/06/26 12:23] Cherie Parker: I absolutely agree
[2009/06/26 12:23] Cherie Parker: I said that in my blog
[2009/06/26 12:23] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: I dont disagree
[2009/06/26 12:23] colleen Criss: I am again sorry but , I do not beleive you
[2009/06/26 12:24] Darkley Aeon: if i had an apology from PL then it would have dropped
[2009/06/26 12:24] colleen Criss: you got that Darkely , from me , form Oom , on the blog you choose
[2009/06/26 12:24] Cherie Parker: Had he said.. "oh damn! I had no idea! What a moronic mistake!" this hopefully would have just been a mistake to catalog and learn from
[2009/06/26 12:24] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: and if the photos wouldl have been asked for permissions...
[2009/06/26 12:24] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: then it woudlnt have happened
[2009/06/26 12:24] Darkley Aeon: then theres no point talking to you colleen, All i have is my integrity and being acused of lying sends me offin a spin
[2009/06/26 12:24] Darkley Aeon: I wish to make a public apology to Darkley Aeon for the use of her work at the SLBD celebration apparently without her permission. It was an oversight . As result of this she has filed an abuse report with Linden Labs which is unfortunate and I have asked her to voluntarily leave all pL groups as well as Team Flickr. I wish Darkley all the best in her future endeavors and in her photography. thank you Darkley.
[2009/06/26 12:25] Darkley Aeon: is not an apology Colleen
[2009/06/26 12:25] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: can I talk for a moment
[2009/06/26 12:25] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: please
[2009/06/26 12:25] colleen Criss: yes you can accuse us ?
[2009/06/26 12:25] colleen Criss: I see
[2009/06/26 12:25] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: let me speak
[2009/06/26 12:25] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums: please
[2009/06/26 12:25] Darkley Aeon: I've displayed in a few galleries in SL, they have always asked permission
[2009/06/26 12:25] colleen Criss: I think it is
[2009/06/26 12:25] OomPoppaMowMow Snookums nods

Cherie Parker said...

Yes, you did say it.

Darkley Aeon said...

I did yes, you have fun im going to go back to being quiet about it all and go to bed.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cherie, I completely understand the reasoning why the 3000L is being offered, my contention is that for all intents and purposes it comes across as a bribe. Oh yes, you can shout till pigs fly that its payment for her time, but when you couple it with a list of demands restricting her actions when writing that review... then it becomes a bribe. If I go to you and say hey heres $20, review this for me... sure, whatever.. but when you approach the person leading the pitchfork mob against you with a sum of money and a list of restrictions on what she can write, then that implies a bribe.

Furthermore, I would once again like to point out that your public relations really do need work. I understand you feel attacked from all angles at this point, but to respond "As far as sucking anything up dear, please, feel free to suck up your comments as you don't have a gnats inkling of an idea what's been done already"... its once again an illustration of how NOT to handle things. When dealing with the public its a good idea not to tell someone to go pound salt, regardless whether you liked what they had to say or not. I guess that's why you guys are in the mess you are in.

You're ABSOLUTELY right, my entire involvement with this whole drama fest is a mere observer. I have read all the articles scrounged up from here and scd, and its my opinion that you guys dropped the ball, both in the initial handling and in some of the followup. Sure, you can say that i don't have all the facts and yes, I have read about your apologies and rebuttals to accusations, but I will say it once again: From an outside observers perspective - your company flubbed up and the course of action you are taking is NOT the way to resolve it. But you are all on such a defensive mode now that you can't see the lack of logic to your actions. I offered my take on this scenario, frankly, because I am sick of the drama, but you guys keep chugging along coming up with ideas like paying Tenshi to review your product after her blog just ripped it apart. I shake my head watching you trying to control the shitstorm with foolhardy actions like that. I wish you well, since if you continue in this manner it won't be an easy road ahead.

Cherie Parker said...

Well Anon, I do appreciate your contribution as I've said many times, everyone is welcome to commment.
And while I typically don't tell many people to "go pound salt". Sometimes some text just calls for it.

Correction number 1. This is NOT public relations. These are my opinions and observations.

Correction number 2. Still not a bribe IMHO.

Correction number 3. I'm not feeling defensive. Are you feeling defensive? ;)

Correction number 4. I don't see a shitstorm on my horizon but if you do on yours I'm sorry about that.

Cherie Parker said...

Alright kids. It's been fun as always but I gotta go do laundry now. :) You guys talk amongst yourselves. ;)

And finally just so you know. Even if I don't agree with your opinion, it doesn't automatically qualify you as someone I dislike. :)

Raphaella said...

From what I gather, the pics were taken from the PL Flickr site, not the photographer's own Flickr site.

Photographers, insluding the complainant photographer in this instance, CHOOSE to post their pics of the PL Flickr site voluntarily for the purpose of self-promotion. Possibly because the PL Flickr site may well offer a wider audience than the photographer's own Flickr page.

Yes, permission should have been asked before promoting work as part of other PL endeavours seperate from the PL Flickr site. This has been admitted by the PL organisation.

One may reasonably conclude that the high profile nature of the LL birthday event and the 'no cost to photographers' being promoted at it would have been an appealing marketing opportunity to those who have seek to promote their work through other sites and organisations.

As for the wall being for sale which contained many pics, one of which was the complainant photographer's - no reasonable person could honestly conclude a whole wall of many pics from different photographers was set for sale at $1L by anything other than accident. Transactions showed nothing was sold and the wall was reset.

I do wonder if there is anyone out there in SL land who has ever set a prim incorrectly?

But seriously, let's face it, PL is so expensive the chances of PL selling ANYTHING, let alone a whole wall of 20 clearly marked and credited photographs for $1L is a bit of a stretch of even the most fevered imagination.

Darkley Aeon said...

My work wasnt credited, there was no way for anyone to know the pictures were mine

they were set for $1KL - 1000L not 1L

Even if the work was posted on the flickr group, I still retained copyright on that work

Darkley Aeon said...

Besides, Flickr works like this - you upload your photos, post them to groups, the groups get a small thumbnail, to download those photos you would have to click and enter the persons personal photostream.

Anonymous said...

sighs and wonders how much trickle down publicity Darkley will garner from PL's faux pas. Certainly keeping the drama lingering is still generating interest 'eh Darkley?

Darkley Aeon said...

I am not lingering anything. I only comment to correct mistakes. I gave the chat logs to Tenshi over a week ago and done nothing since, I havent written any blog posts

Darkley Aeon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

And you are under the impression that giving the chat logs to Tenshi would not garner you any publicity. Sorry darling, that dog won't hunt. PL did make a mistake and apologized for it, even though they did handle it inappropriately, but you turned it into a drama fest by unleashing the compost machine known as SCD. That is what I see. But hey, its SL, even bad press and publicity is better than none at all right deary?

Darkley Aeon said...

I never said that, I said that I am not making this linger on - there is a difference

Anonymous said...

Jezuz, why is no one posting their names here?! Are you all bloody scared of an avatar called Tenshi?! Tenshi is some insecure turtle twat, whom tried to work for me once, to observe how fin domming works. She said back then, on her plurk she would give me half of the tips she would make - as if! I had to set the record straight real quick with her yoda looking self and telling her ass, no one would tip her ugly self, unless I say so.
And then, I insulted her fat people plurk fan base. I had a field day man, and woosh she removed me from her Plurk, lol, who gives a fuck?! Not meee!
And of course why should she gain money on my behalf - wrrrong, will never happen!
You people gotta stop being scared of that fool, seriously. What can she do, write a few blogs and have her 5 min of blogger fame?!
FTR, I would tell her that in her face while I stab her with my prim lashes! That cow is so two thousand and late and a has been or better yet, never has been anything but an ugly avatar!

Noor out~

Maggie said...

Noor - you are my hero! Well said!

Anonymous said...

Actually Noor you got removed from her plurk and banned from SCD Comments because we went back through them and you'd consistently been a douchebag without a single useful thing to say. Ta.

Anonymous said...

Heya Maggie, thank you - but it's just the truth :)

@Dancien, oh no you didn't just call me a douche you fat hick! Are you Tenshi's spokes person/shit police of the day?
Old man, I have lots of important things to say, but of course I don't kiss up to anyone but my own ass.
Quit your care bearing. I bet you were a IMP scum Wookie at SWG too!

The Noor has spoken!

Rebecca said...

You know - I am just sick to death of people who are afraid of Tenshi and her crew of banshees. They hide behind the grey area in the Second Life TOS. So lets examine the document.

Now before everyone starts to scream - i am going to use excerpts, if you want to read the whole bloody thing, please do at this web addy.

Section 4.1 - You agree to abide by certain rules of conduct, including the Community Standards and other rules prohibiting illegal and other practices that Linden Lab deems harmful.

In addition to abiding at all times by the Community Standards, you agree that you shall not: (i) take any action or upload, post, e-mail or otherwise transmit Content that infringes or violates any third party rights; ...

(iii) take any action or upload, post, e-mail or otherwise transmit Content that violates any law or regulation; ...

(iv) take any action or upload, post, e-mail or otherwise transmit Content as determined by Linden Lab at its sole discretion that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, causes tort, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; ...

(vi) take any action or upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any Content that would violate any right or duty under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements); ...

or (x) "stalk", abuse or attempt to abuse, or otherwise harass another user. Any violation by you of the terms of the foregoing sentence may result in immediate and permanent suspension or cancellation of your Account. You agree that Linden Lab may take whatever steps it deems necessary to abridge, or prevent behavior of any sort on the Service in its sole discretion, without notice to you.

Now, what has our Ms Tenshi and her cohorts done?

Violated the following sections:

Section 4.1 (iii) - last i checked, being a cyberbully is now against US Federal law and has been written into State law for both her "alleged state" of North Carolina, as well as California.

Section 4.12 (iv) - "...harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, causes tort, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful..." - nuff said, this is a dead ringer for many of the viscous posts on SCD that are made merely to incite drama, humiliate people, cause them undue stress, and expose their real life persons which thereby opens the door for even more potential problems such as assault, battery, stalking - well the list can go on.

Section 4.1 (vi) - I know that she may not have done this personally, but the person she received information from on one certain case that has been reported to me was obtained from only one source and it was in direct relation to "...information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements". Her ability to supply this persons real life information was obtained from a confidentiality agreement for a rl/sl position from a marketing and PR firm in SL that is slowly creeping its way into the fashion scene by getting toe holds with other agencies, designers, and even television programs offered in world.

Section 4.1 (x) - "...'stalk', abuse or attempt to abuse, or otherwise harass another user..." - well here again, harassment would apply.

(continued in next post)

Rebecca said...

(continued from above)

Let us define harassment: The act of harassing, or state of being harassed; worry; annoyance; anxiety.

Now I am not sure what it means in the State of North Carolina, but in my state, she would most definitely fall under this category, as would many of those drama queens on SCD.

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. Online threats or "flames" (rude texts, blog posts, IMs, or messages) count. So does posting personal information or videos designed to hurt or embarrass someone else.

Online bullying can be easier to commit than other acts of bullying because the bully doesn't have to confront the victim in person. Some cyberbullies probably do not realize just how hurtful their actions are.

By definition, cyberbullying involves young people. If an adult sends the messages or notes, it may meet the legal definition of cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking. However, it is quite clear that this practice occurs in both adult and child situations.

If that does not apply to those in question, I am not sure what would and I have a real riff with my primary school English teacher - because according to my dictionary, the shoe fits.

The real issue is not the drama queens over at SCD, but the tolerance of Linden Lab to allow such practices and turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the same. Of course, they cannot police the Internet looking for such practices, so it is our duty to report the same to them so that they can assist us with them or at least provide some background information to provide to local, state and federal authorities (in the US of course) or equally qualified authorities abroad, to put a stop to it.

Protection against such practices is in place - we just have to exercise them. If Linden Lab should get enough reports of the cyberabuse, then likely they may take action. Documentation of the event is key, especially when dealing with local auhorities and we all know that with the click of a mouse, those online posts can very well be a thing of the past (the Google archives to cycle eventually). So document the abuse - then you have your proof of the cyberabuse at hand.

You can also report the incident(s) to SCD's web host. The squeaky wheel usually gets the grease right?

Now the SCD website is cloaked, so you have to report both domains - and

The host information is:
PMB #257
417 Associated Rd.
Brea, CA 92821
FAX: 714-990-2600

Abuse reports can be sent via email to

So lets all stop whining and start doing something about it. Why should that group of queens be the only ones who are allowed to make some noise and have such control.

Hopefully the above will reach those who have been embarrassed, harassed, or bullied by those at SCD.

Anonymous said...


Actually Lumpy, I was human imp commando scum. But hey, just bitch and moan and jerk yourself off while financially taking advantage of people on Second Life. It's pretty much the only thing you're good at.

@Rebecca, You know that's all well and good but at this point. Put up or shut up, all you're doing right now is beating your chest screaming "Ohhh I'm so mad". Get a lawyer and sue us or something. Because all you and the anon twats are doing right now is the same thing you constantly accuse Tenshi of.

Rebecca said...

No worries Dancien. That is already in the works - counsel has been secured - and the investigation is nearly complete. I am actually looking forward to it, although it is a pity that 'adults' act like children and feel that they can hide behind their SL avatars without their real life counterparts being held accountable for their actions. Time for those tables to turn. Have a great day.

Vivianne Draper said...

@noor -- oooo you called him a wookie. i bet that really hurt. is this what you call your boys to get your money?

@rebecca -- you have counsel? really? are you going to sue the big bad tenshi? because she violated the second life tos on a website she owns? i cannot wait to see the lawyer that will take this on.

Rebecca said...

No Vivianne, sorry, I should have drawn a map for the SCD queens to follow. My faux pas.

In my instance in dealing with Ms. Vielle, she did commit three separate acts of cyberbullying and harassment, to which you, and several others at SCD, including Dancien and Iris, have chimed in on. In that instance, yes, I have grounds and have the proof to support them legally. Once the final piece of information arrives from the host, suit will follow. Dreamhost has been wonderful in cooperating with the authorities here - very nice company.

You know, its like Christmas morning. I have waited a long time for this little pressy and when that bow comes off - ooh la la.

You too have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

@Dancy, even worst a human Imp. I bet you had a mullet too hahaha!

Dude you don't even know what I exactly do, because you lack of D/s, Femdom, Humiliatrix comprehension. Come to my domain and I chew you up and toss you around like the puppet you are.
You sit on an online forum and got your blockhead up in Tenshi's twat and obviously you don't see how damn dumb you make yourself look.
Aren't you like 40 some years old?!
I remember the pic, Rebecca posted of you and you nearly pissed yourself in defense of the pic, because you were the joke of the net lmao!
Grow a pair of balls heffa, drive though and come again!


Anonymous said...

Noor, actually cupcake you're boring me now. You are dismissed. Go back to being useless.

Anonymous said...

@ Viv, hey weren't you one of those fat bitches I clowned on Tenshi's plurk?!

I sure did call him a wookie, are you butthurt?!
And as for my boys, read my blog and you see what I call 'em - every damn name in the book, wanna be next?!
Go start by doing a nadu bitch hahahahah!

Noor the Great

Vivianne Draper said...

one day it will come to light that noor is a bald fat 50-year-old man living in his mother's basement. he tries way too hard dontcha think? what a friggin wookie.

Anonymous said...

@Dancien, when people start calling others " hunni, cupcakes? ( you're such a cornball, dude ) and sweetie " plus all those other pet names, it shows a true sign of defeat. And you have been defeated, now piss off plonker!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!!! Viv try me I am in world now!
Come and snuggle up with me on voice while I caress your celulite dents!

Noor the Awesome~

Anonymous said...


hahahhahahhahahha!!!!! "Drive through and come again" hahahhahhaha!!!! Oh, oh, my side! okay, back to work for me. Carry on.

Vivianne Draper said...

noor it is now well known that you are a wookie. i am sorry but one such as you cannot be allowed to touch even my cellulite dents -- fleas y'know? besides i'm way too much woman for you and everyone knows you like little pansy pussy men

Anonymous said...

Ah, for the heady joys of squabbling all based on some semi-obscure buggy 3d chat program that the real world couldn't give the proverbial rodent's buttocks about.


See what your eLawyer thinks of that!

Cherie Parker said...

Here you go Caydeepants:

[2009/06/24 3:46] Greg Paslong: sorry the mistake was made with your photo. Trust me, it won't happen again. All of your shots have been removed and the wall is now set to $0L and NOT FOR SALE.

Caydeepants said...

That is not an apology for the abysmal, rude and condescending way he treated Darkley. That was his sarcastic apology the night it was brought to his attention that he majorly f'ed up, the one he made in between belches.

Anonymous said...

OMG Anonymous! *spits drink out* I think I seriously just ruined my monitor, "hahahhahhaha!!!! Oh, oh, my side! okay, back to work for me. Carry on." My sentiment exactly! Thanks for the entertainment all, even from some of the ignorant comments!

Cherie Parker said...

Caydeepants you asked me to find it, I did that. You interpret it in a way that is unsatisfactory to you, that is your prerogative.

You insist on holding on to whatever. I'm moving on thanks. You hang back here and hold down the fort.


Anonymous said...

Since you like definitions so much Cherie

"Psychological projection (or projection bias) is when a person's personal attributes, thoughts, and/or emotions are ascribed onto another person or people. A modern view of projections is that they are prerequisites for normal social functioning. A person who is incapable of ascribing his/hers own feelings on other people would have great difficulties in understanding them."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon. I do like definitions. And that one is fairly clear. I suspect feelings of guilt, or the desire to believe one is psychologically sound is probably a big culprit. Like I've said before. Just because I may not like the actions or behavioral actions of someone, doesn't mean I don't like the person. Additionally if someone doesn't like me, it doesn't necessarily mean I don't like them. :)

Anonymous said...

Fat lazy American get all excited with stupid video game?

This what wrong with ur country!

ASIA #1 because we work, not waste time fighting over silly video game.