Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I AM Photo Contest! By Alexander Fine Jewelry

If you haven't entered this contest yet, you need to drop what you're doing and get in front of the camera now!  The prizes are fantastic! The sponsors out of this world and the chance to be famous... HUGE! Read below for the Phase One contest rules!


• Create a photographic scene showing off the beauty of both the model and the jewelry and expressing the theme of this month’s release. (for example, January is I AM BOLD)

• Upload your entry to the I AM Contest flickr group between the 15th and 30th of the month. (28th for February)

• 5 winners in each category will be notified in time to be announced in the next month’s issue of Scruplz distributed on the 10th of each month. Winning models will win a 1000L gift card to Alexander Fine Jewelry. Winning photographers will win 1000L each.

• This continues January through April to have a total of 20 photographers and 20 models who will continue on to the second phase of the contest.



1. You must use the Alexander Fine Jewelry set of the month (i.e., BOLD in January). They will be announced each month on the Scruplz blog and magazine issue.

2. No other designer jewelry should be worn. This includes prim nails and jewelry in hair.

3. Subscribe to a Scruplz Kiosk in-world or join the Scruplz in-world group.

4. Photos should be 1024 x 1024 and full perm. No text on the photo. Model submissions will not be judged on post-processing therefore it is not required.

5. Photographer submissions will be judged on post-processing skill however you must maintain the integrity of the jewelry design.

6. By participating in this contest, you are giving By Alexander Fine Jewelry and Scruplz full permission to use at their discretion. Models please be sure you have full permission use from your photographers.

7. Submissions must be uploaded to the flickr group

and labeled By Alexander I AM [adjective of the month] [category] [YOUR NAME]

ALSO put the full perm pictures in a folder with the same label and give to ScruplzMarketing in world and follow with an IM.

8. Each resident may submit a maximum of two pictures in any category (modeling, photography) but may only win once, in any category.

9. I AM contest is open to all residents of SL

10. Scruplz and Alexander Fine Jewelry reserve the right to disqualify any entrant who does not follow the rules.

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