Friday, November 2, 2007


Today I am reviewing the new hair by Truth. Three new styles for women and one for men. Now to hear my partner tell it, I have enough hair in my inventory to wig every person on the grid alive or dead, their pets, furries, strange aliens, cousin IT’s, dragons, Gor’s, Vampires, elf’s, fairies, neko's, and general oddities. Frankly I think he's exaggerating, but yes I do have an abundant amount of hair. Alright, abundant might be an understatement but lets get back to the subject at hand.

Being a member of the Truth group Truth Hawks kindly dropped on me and the rest of the group, freebies of two of his four new designs. First is Kensei for men, and Kensei 2 for women. It’s a short slightly messy, choppy design that’s great to wear with those high neck sweaters or scarf’s we all need this time of the year. His textures and color choices are very nice and plentiful imho, although previously I had overheard Antonia from Artilleri complaining that he had yet to make her an orange color. ;) I’m certain he’s getting right on that. Dropping what I was doing and rushing over to check out the other two designs, I found what probably is my favorite, a little updo called Lucy. Lucy comes with some messy spikes up top and lovely little flips in back, with nice short side swept bangs, it make a great combination to go with my new Truth Gypsy coat I just picked up as you can see in the pictures up top. Next is April, long in the back, upswept on the sides with some nice side sweeping bangs. It’s casual, comfortable and looks good with a number of outfit types. The men’s version of Kensei is just as cute as the women’s with a choppy cut, side swept flexi movement and frankly looks just as good on women as it does on men. At only $100L each, these cuts are a bargain folks and $1000 will get you the whole enchilada. Truth Hawks is doing some amazing work in my humble opinion and I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next. Although I do admit, I am still waiting on new skin… let’s go Truth, get with it. ;) Oh and honey, if you’re reading this… its number 293. Kisses!

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