Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Emporio Naima

So I’m out on the grid haunting small shops, looking for something warm and fuzzy to wear and what do I happen upon... Emporio Naima. Ah... a delightful little shop, nothing to glitzy, nothing to bland. Just about right. The décor is tasteful, the shop is well laid out and they have a wonderful mixture of both men’s and women’s clothing. Rubbing my virtual hands together in glee because I do love a new store, I happen upon my first treasure. I hit upon is this wonderful piece known only as Woman’s Wool Sweater, Large Collar. But don’t let that deter you. It’s a fabulous piece of work with sculpted prim sleeve extensions kind of slouched like you would find in real life, and two sculpted prim pieces (you choose which one fits you) that make up a fantastic large cowl neck that fits beautifully. The detail on this work is just wonderful and one of my new favorite items of inventory. Now I wish I had gotten the fat pack... sigh. To go with it, I spot a cute pair of gold leather pants with lovely texture work, called Oro d’Autunno. This pair of pants comes complete with a cute little pink and gold camisole with a fantastic lace trim but that’s not all. The pants are fully equipped with a prim belt with excellent silver prim detailing and its flexi! The shop is filled with an eclectic number of pieces from shorts and dresses to men’s clothing that I’m sure any guy would love to be seen in. The prices run from reasonable to high but the quality is good. Hence you get what you pay for. I met Naiman Broome and his partner Pompeja Rossini and they are just as warm and friendly as you could ever hope. The store is new so you may not have heard about it yet, but mark my words I believe Emporio Naima will be one you will want to landmark for your favorites folder.

You can find Emporio Naima at Elexor Mat, Southern Paradise
(75, 24, 22)

Sweater: $200 Fatpack of 7 colors $1000
Pants with Cami: $450
Hair: Truth: Montegue-Auburn
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump Metallic Glitz

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