Wednesday, December 12, 2007

High Stepping

You know there are only a couple of things in Second Life that makes my virtual heart beat faster… shoes and hair. Let me qualify that. Good shoes and good hair. When I first came to SL the only decent shoemaker I could find, and believe me I searched, was Nikki Clayton of Minx. I probably own about oh, 95% of Nikki’s shoes… so shoot me if I don’t like wedges. Thankfully now the times they are a changing, and good cobblers abound. Not only is Nikki still cranking out the stylish hoof accessories, but now there’s Zhao, Tesla, Enkythings and Insolence just to name a few. But please no more! My shoe budget just can’t take another good designer!

Alas, awhile back I had the opportunity to visit a new shoe store before it officially opened. Quietly sneaking in I noticed a sign that spoke my language. Half price off, it screamed! (If you joined the group) Half price on shoes?? Oh baby you sure do know how to sweet talk a girl. With very little hesitation I quickly dumped another group from my, at-the- limit of 25, and joined up, thus being rewarded with half off the listed price for any and all pairs of shoes! Good thing too because half price on the pair I bought was around $485LD. I know what you’re thinking… $485 is half price?? Yes, that’s half price friends, not full. Evidently that didn’t deter me as I clicked that sweet pair of slingbacks into my inventory and was on my way. Days went by and I rarely took them off. I was sooo happy with my purchase. These shoes are not only hot they’re smokin’ HAWT! The texture and design is just so incredible. The heels make your virtual feet scream in agony just looking at them they’re so high, but omg can you live without them? I think not. It’s time to tell you what shoe shop owns the tile of “my latest Achilles heel”.

Stiletto Moody.

Stiletto Moody has only been around SL about a year now but wow, she’s clearly got a grasp on shoe design that makes my ten little piggies’ squeal with delight. There’s just this one little, teensy, weensy thing that bothers me though. It’s the price. Yes I know, I said I’m willing to pay for good design in previous posts and that’s true. But dang, $975 is by far the most expensive shoe I have ever seen in SL and I’ve seen them all. Are they good? Better than good. Are they creative and unique? Yes, that too. Are they worth the $975? Possibly. But it still hurts to shell out that much for a pair of shoes. While I have no qualms about going and buying more than one pair of shoes at Minx, and the likes thereof, I have to say I hesitate when I step into Stiletto Moody’s. However, I can see the border lights flashing, and feel myself propelled forward, if you don’t hear from me for awhile… someone please come look for me in the ankle bootie isle.

My friends, now that you know about Stiletto Moody’s, I feel certain I’ll be seeing you there on occasion, haunting the store for sales like I do. Drooling over the latest designs and breathing in the scent of the virtual leather. My only hope is that Stiletto will take mercy on us and bring back the half price sales, if not, you may find me yet again camping somewhere for shoe money.

Here are the details on her designs from the lowest price shoes to the highest;

Pumps $825
Slingbacks $875
Studded Pumps $875
Ankle boots $875
Platforms $950
Pumps w/ ankle straps $975


Cherlindrea said...

Aha, there you are. I was trying to remember the name of you site to add it to my blog roll for about a week now. :)

Ashia said...

Just stunning!

Cherie Parker said...

I just know I will see someone here at SM... especially if I should turn up missing. I have faith I will be rescued and placed in the proper 12 step program-no pun intended. ;)