Friday, December 28, 2007

I Felt That

*Originally posted on InStyle Blog by Cherie Parker

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not in Kansas anymore? Well, that’s how I felt yesterday when I was wandering around, minding my own business, teleporting to and fro and found myself at the doorstep of *pop feel*. Sitting in the middle of KyuKaruizawa, beside a flowing river, in a quiet little Japanese sim is this small bold red building with three walls and no roof. That’s *pop feel*.

Inside, one wall is filled from top to bottom, every available prim space occupied with as much retro modern wear as can fit. The other wall is brimming with a decidedly different look, Japanese kimono wear created with a twist of modern fashion. *pop feel* has that magical appeal towards both modern and traditional and has married the two nicely together in a 1152sq meter area. You know right away when you enter that *pop feel* is a different kind of shop. The items are neatly displayed, not a lot of hype, the ad work clean and concise, it just makes you feel easy and ready to shop.

As I do in most stores, I scanned the walls to see if anything jumped out at me, grabbed me by the throat, screaming buy me! buy me! I admit once inside *pop feel* I was under a great deal of stress as most items on the wall of retro modern were throttling me and demanding my attention. Mustering my self control and watching my dwindling lindens as I made mental purchases one after another, I finally decided upon a sweet little retro orange jacket that had gained my attention and current control of my wallet as I quickly clicked that baby into my inventory. At only $150L, it didn’t really hurt that bad. I couldn’t wait to get home and try it on.
This jacket in fall colors of orange, yellow and brown has the most amazing texture. I can’t believe I’m not wearing a real boucle wool jacket when I slipped this on. The prim collar, wrist prims and even the short babydoll type hem fit perfectly and without adjustment, that’s a rare thing on me. For $150L you get seven pieces, the jacket and all prim attachments, plus a contrasting turtleneck undershirt and some short pants. I paired my jacket with my favorite flap pocket cords from Luminosity in charcoal and my trusty Old Laceup Boots in reddish from Shiney things. Perfect for a day outside, all warm and snuggly in my new *pop feel* boucle jacket, cords and boots, I’m ready to take the dog for a walk, a walk in the park or horseback riding with friends. This jacket ensemble is a great addition to my inventory, I can see pairing it with a number of items already. Thanks *pop feel*, I think I have that lovin feeling. ;)

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