Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vegas Baby!

We all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well tell that to Austie Pegler of Reasonable Desires. Last week Austie dropped on me a few new outfits and one of them was Blue Vegas Showgirl. I could have chosen White Lotus or Blush Can Can but figured nah, I’m in a showgirl kinda mood so let’s roll the dice and see what comes up.

As I opened the box I already knew from previous reviews of Reasonable Desires to expect a complete outfit and I wasn’t disappointed this time. Blue Vegas Showgirl comes complete with ten pieces. That’s right I said ten. From the showgirl stockings to the feathery headdress including the tiara, it’s got everything for the showgirl in you. It’s a bright vivid blue and black stripe with a tiny little beading of black lace along the bodice and back. Very cute and very sexy.

As with most of the items from RD I didn’t have to adjust one prim. Everything attached perfectly the first time including the headpiece. I’m not sure how Austie and Martini Joliat manage to make that happen when some of the big name designers can’t but they do. The feather fans attach to each hand as you can see in the picture, the tail pieces are perfectly aligned, the tiara and headpiece are separate and fit perfect on the first try. There are some minor seam issues but nothing that can be seen without using control 0 to zoom in on and if they’re looking that close, honey they’re not looking at seams. I swear when you put this on, whether you’re a gambler or not, you get this overwhelming urge to yell “hit me!”

Even if you’re not into Vegas or the Vegas like atmosphere, there’s always someplace to wear Blue Vegas Showgirl. From Second Life events, to Halloween parties to your very own bedroom. Hey, what happens in your bedroom stays in your bedroom- no seriously it stays there I don’t want to know what goes on in your bedroom. No pictures, no voice recordings, nada, I don’t want to know!

Anyway, I give this outfit from Reasonable Desires two oranges and one banana on the slot machine. I would give it three oranges but then it would be perfect and we all know that’s hard to achieve in second life. If I had one thing to nit pick about, and this is really digging deep to pick, would be I wish there was a wee bit, a tiny bit, a fraction more texturing to the feathers as the bright colors tends to overwhelm the texture details a little. But like I said, that’s digging really deep to pick on it.

Blue Vegas Showgirl can be yours for $225L at Reasonable Desires in either green, yellow, blue, pink, purple, aqua, orange, or red. Or buy the fat pack for only $999L. Reasonable Desires is located at
And remember, if you’re going to Vegas, please don’t bring the video camera, that means you too Austie!

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