Thursday, January 3, 2008

Evening Star- Review

A couple of days ago, I found myself at the doorstep of Adam and Eve hunting for God-knows-what.

Anyone who knows me knows that, most days, I wander about shopping for new and cool things. But, before I could even get to the teleport sign I was greeted by Sachi Vixen, co-owner and designer of Adam and Eve. Sachi was wearing the most brilliantly-designed gown in deep red, with a gold brocade trim. It was so lovely I was immediately interested in finding it.

Hesitant at first to speak to her, I happened to comment on how wonderful it looked, and asked where I could find this particular gown.

In retrospect, I'm not sure why I was so hesitant to speak with her. Sachi was super nice, and proceeded to tell me that this was one of her latest creations -- not yet released -- but it would be out in a couple of days.

She indicated that there were still a couple of things she wanted to correct on the gown before putting it up for sale -- some details she was not yet happy with.

To my eye, it looked perfect! But not to hers apparently.

She then told me if I liked the design she was wearing, I should check out some other gowns upstairs that might also appeal to me.

Not only did Sachi point me in the right direction, alerting me to the demos she had on each gorgeous gown, she actually gave me a copy of her magnificent Blush 2 gown in aqua!

Wow! Was I surprised! I couldn't get changed fast enough! My deepest apologies to the newbies standing around at the time, who happened to see me strip down and into this gown! But I just had to see it on!

It was great! Not only is Sachi just as obsessively compulsive about seams as I seem to be (no pun intended), but she's extremely friendly, down to earth and easy to talk to.

After a nice conversation with her, I learned that she is exceptionally concerned with the quality of her work and will not put something out for sale until she has corrected the very last stitch that annoys her.

I like that in a designer. Just as picky as I am about buying clothing, she is all about making clothes that meet her high standards (and mine).

After this very pleasant first interaction, I went on about my business and let her get on with hers.

Last night, I received an IM from her. She says, "Cherie are you the one that was asking about that gown I was wearing the other day?" After my initial surprise that she even remembered my name, I quickly said, "Yep that was me."

The next thing I know, she's given me this demo of the gown I had been admiring, now called Evening Star!

I was so surprised!

This woman is super smart, extremely sweet and friendly, and obviously deeply concerned about her customers' happiness. We had another great conversation that just reinforced my opinion that Sachi Vixen has got to be one of the nicest people I've ever met on Second Life! Not to mention one of the best designers.

Evening Star is everything I hoped it would be. Great texture work, seams to die for, and a design that makes you look stunning wearing it.

It has everything you need in an evening gown: grace, style and creativity.

Sachi let me in on a little secret. She had planned on releasing it today, but suggested that I not buy it until Friday, if I was a part of her Group. You see, she's taken customer appreciation to the next level and is offering a Buy-One-Get-One-Free sale on Friday for all of her her group members.

If I were you, Dear Reader, I would quickly join that group and stock up on some of the most amazing styles and designs Second Life has to offer tomorrow, Friday, January 4 th.

Sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla are partners in Adam and Eve. Both are enormously talented at what they do. If you like shoes --and who doesn't -- get thee over to Adam and Eve and check out Damen's work on Incanti, which is another item I just happened to pick up on my shopping spree.

Incanti is beautifully detailed, jeweled shoes that will go perfectly with my new gown, Evening Star, when I pick it up tomorrow, along with my free item of equal value.

Thanks, Sachi for taking the time not only to share with me your latest designs, but to chat and get to know me better. You're a great gal and a tremendous designer.
Evening Star- 8 Delicious colors $1000L
Incanti- 14 Style choices $300L
You can get to Adam and Eve using this SLURL :

A side note. Thanks to my brilliant partner Xtabber Young for being my editor. He takes the lunatic ramblings I scribble on Word and turns them into something that can actually be read. I love you baby, you’re the best!


Grazia said...

That is a lovely review of one of my favourite designers and friends.

The gown is of an amzing quality, with so much attention paid to the textures. I really liked reading your post and it will most certainly not be the last time that I visit your blog.


Cherie Parker said...

Thanks. I think its smashing... and I have mine safely tucked into my inventory-WITH my free dress alongside. :)