Sunday, June 8, 2008

No Drama

There’s nothing like the sound of a train whistle at night to calm and soothe me if life has been exceptionally unkind or stressful. To hear that forlorn call of the steel rail leading off to a place unknown, mystery and eventually to disappear into the darkness makes my soul relax and my mind drift off riding tramp in a car pulled behind that big engine.

I know you’re wondering what this has to do with drama right? Well… this is how I deal with drama... rl- sl... doesn’t matter. In fact for me both rl and sl cross paths so much now its hard to say, what is drama here and not drama that I take with me out of sl into rl?

I hear people say “no drama” as if they’re holding up the sign of a cross to a vampire here in sl. It’s become a slogan, a slang an overused vernacular. I can practically see them shaking their heads, backing away and waving their hands in a vigorous denial of what they’re faced with.

For anyone faced with another who expresses passion, opinions or stand up to what they feel is right or wrong, somehow they are then labeled with a red circle, a slash through it with big bold letter of NO DRAMA comfortably cradled inside.

It’s kind of sad to me. I don’t really understand why this life would be that much different than real life. I mean here we work, we play, we love, we interact, in real life we do the same.

Is there drama in real life? Of course there is. So you say, I have enough in real life… I don’t want it here. Fine. Then might I suggest becoming an android and developing the sense of no emotion?

I realize everyone is different here. Again, I see no difference from real life. We’re different there as well.

But if you do work here, play here, love here or even interact here, how does one expect not to encounter drama at some point? And why is drama the leper of sl?

People have come to use the term “drama” as an excuse for a lack of accountability; they can hide behind it, and use it as a shield in order to not face something of opposition.

Sometimes drama is required for justice, what is right, clearing the air and developing a common understanding from people.

Drama has its good side and its bad side. Do I want a stalker in rl? No. Do I want one here in sl? Again, no. But do I want to interact with people, share with friends, live and work in sl? Yes. So at some point conflict or drama will raise it’s not so ugly head.

Drama is good. And so is conflict when used properly to resolve a situation.

Drama is a part of life. We love, we lose, we play, we get hurt, we work, we get frustrated, we interact, and we differ.

In the end we are all faced with drama in this life and our rl. Not only does it continue to help you define your character but also teaches you how to deal with complicated issues… accept diversity, different cultures and different perspectives. To say no to drama is actually saying I’m not willing to learn, grow, or change my opinion ever.

We’re adults, or we’re supposed to be. We’re supposed to have had life experience to teach us how to deal with difficult situations. If you haven’t, then its time you do and drama is a fine teacher.

As always, this is just my opinion, which doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the management, staff, public, pet, oddball or any other entity I failed to mention. There, that’s my disclaimer.

Have a nice day, and embrace the drama.


Anonymous said...

*embraces you* ;I

<33 Ara

Cherie Parker said...

Awww :) A tear on my cheek. :)

Fricker Fraker said...

I was once a subscriber to the "No Drama" method and found SL to be meaningless. I was just above the amoeba level of using my brain. No emotions, no thirst for adventure and had no way of being able to see the beauty that SL has to offer. Drama comes with its conflicts and pitfalls, but that's what made me search for those things in SL that bring the wonderful emotions of love, peace, happiness. Without the ebb and flow of drama and emotions, one will find them selves not taking full advantage of SL and how you can grow and learn from your adventures here, from you encounters with others, from helping (and listening) to those that need that emotional lift to see that not all emotions cause pain. ... I have been on the emotional roller coaster here in SL and I made it through the lows to find the highest point I could ever hope to find... You.

Cherie Parker, you have inspired me, captured me, taken a few roller coaster rides with me and without that bit of drama..... I would have never seen this most precious and most beautiful feeling that that was right there in my very own heart... Love..... I truly love you Cherie Parker and will gladly take all the ups and downs that come with it.

For I have seen the dept of the lows ....saw myself there... didn't like what I saw.
I have scaled the highest of highs ....saw you there, now I see myself there with you.

Love, Fricker

Shimere Felisimo said...

I'm not big on "drama" - but to me, that word is used to describe two girls having a catfight over some jerk who doesn't deserve their attention. It doesn't apply to serious issues like content theft and sexist customer service. I totally agree with your point - the "no drama" thing is abused mightily to criticize people who stand up for what they believe in.

SerinaJane said...

Oh Cherie, a big hug you always find the right words, dont EVA stop interacting with me,.. you truly speaking from my heart. I heard Tenshi say the other day:" I hate when people call it drama!" loool ugh finally someone said the truth. Only the people with no Opinion, integrety & Character would call a discussion DRAMA. anyways thank you for beeing so honest, valuable & full of integrity.