Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Word of the day begins with P

Not that word you sickos! Purrrr. That’s the name of the newest creation from the two awesome minds behind Reasonable Desires, Austie Pegler and Martini Joliat. Austie dropped this on me today and I couldn’t wait to slip this on!

Keeeute! Of course that’s not what my partner said but... ahem, I can’t repeat that here. The fact that this is just smokin hot is only half the good news. The rest is, if you don’t happen to like the pink I’m wearing, you can change it, it’s tintable!

Those two, they think of everything. I’m never disappointed when I get something from them. It’s always perfect, always complete and most of the time, it’s hotter than my grandma’s griddle after cooking up a batch of pancakes. Four perfect pieces, top, bottom, flexi mini trim and hot stockings complete this lingerie set.

At only $150L it’s a steal! So get yourself over to Reasonable Desires at and pick one up for yourself, you won’t be disappointed… and neither will your other half. *Mutters to herself as she slaps her partners hands away.


Anonymous said...

This ensemble looks AN AWFUL lot like the scarlett ensemble from Insolence. hmm.

Cherie Parker said...

First... be a man, or a woman and use your real name. Second, stop the witch hunt. The Salem trials ended many moons ago. Third, I know these two and they don't have a reason to copy anyone. They're creative, kind, honest, hard working people and it's clear you don't know them. So, in other words, take a hike.

Darion **DM Designs** Owner said...

I happen to agree with Cherie!

As a close person friend of the creators, I know for a fact their talent/inspiration does NOT come from in-world. The beauty of what they create is amazing. SO AMAZING, I can buy their merchandise and make at least 5 or so different outfits. I took a look at the two creations. To me as a clothing LOVER, I see no similarities at all. Purrr has no keyhole in the front, the back is NOTICEABLY different, and the garters where are they? The lace on Purrr is delicate and small. I could go to about 10 different stores and point out similarities in so many items. Doesn't this happen in RL as well? Can you go to the Gap, Macy's and several other stores and see jeans and tee's looking very similar. I think you should honestly use your Real Name...when you decide to bash another's creations, and saying they look like someone else's.

Let's think next time before we assume anything :) And again, why not use your real name next time. I show mine :)