Sunday, August 24, 2008


I’ve been Afflicted. Miles Noriega and Atiya Masala afflicted me the other night while at an event they sponsored at their club!!

It’s ok actually ... ;) I gladly welcome the affliction as now I hold information not widely known to the public.

I have inside information for you all. Juicy, gleeful, hand rubbing secret information… Miles Noriega of Afflicted is working on a women’s clothing line! And from what I can tell, it’s going to be just as killer as his men’s clothing line.

That’s right you heard it here first Afflicted will soon not be for men only. Gasp!

The planets were all aligned in my favor the other night. My good friend Atiya Masala just happens to be partnered with Miles Noriega owner of Afflicted. And I just happened to be at an event sponsored by them last week when Miles dropped this cute little outfit on me soon to be released called “Little Flirt”.

Cute name, cute dress, well made, classy… right up my alley. Don’t say it... I don’t have an alley I swear.

Come to find out Atiya is assisting Miles in this new venture and I couldn’t be happier. She’s a builder and I’ve bought a number of items from her that she was soooooo kind to customize for me for my photography work. She’s great, talented, sweet and too much fun. You really have to check out her work. C'est Ca Furniture and Accent Pi, Born (102, 67, 26).

Back to Afflicted. My source tells me…*coughMilesNoriegacough* hopefully within the next month, Afflicted will open its women’s line to the public and this little number will be part of the collection at a price of only $195L!

What a guy! Smart, talented, funny and partnered with my friend. Dang could I get any luckier... I don’t think so.

Thanks Miles for letting me in on your little secret and for the really cute dress I absolutely love it.
Check out the photo for details and drop by Afflicted at

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