Sunday, August 10, 2008


Everyone that knows me knows that I have a love of photography. Over the last few months I have grown a small photography hobby into a wonderful business from which I have received a great deal of satisfaction and happiness.

While I’ve been photographing various different subjects the one thing that has always frustrated me has been the lack of poses available to achieve the look I wanted.

Awhile back I had searched for and found an animator to create a couple of custom animations for me to use in modeling.

In the fashion industry, we all have the same poses, same animations and I wanted something different. What I ended up with was something that resembled an animatron robot from the likes of the Haunted Mansion at Disney World. On top of that I paid a great deal of money for that not so realistic “animation”.

I let that go and decided to just live with what’s available on the grid. And don’t get me wrong there are plenty of very talented commercial, popular animators/posers out there that I buy from and I’m happy they’re around. But in the back of my mind I always wanted something more, something special, unique.

Recently I was looking through some fashion articles and saw two advertisements that really caught my eye simply because the posing of the models in them was so stunning.

Again I got the itch for finding someone that could make this happen. You would think in SL this would not be so hard, but you would be wrong. I think I sent messages to around oh, ten or fifteen people asking them if they would be interested in creating custom poses for me for my photography work. Of all the messages I sent out, I was sure I would get several responses and have a variety of people to choose from. Again, I was wrong.

I received one, yes one response and that was from EnCore Mayne of Behold.

Not only was she very interested but very helpful, encouraging and eager to work with me. So I gave her the pictures of the poses I wanted, praying she would be better than the last person I hired in this field. She asked several very intelligent questions of which I had not thought of that would be necessary to create the poses I was looking for and we spoke for some time. During this conversation I discovered a very kind, considerate funny, witty and extremely knowledgeable person about posing. She was so helpful and easy to work with. This girl really knows her stuff. But, and there’s always a but, I was still apprehensive as I had visions of Tron burned into my mind from my last encounter with an animator.

EnCore asked me to give her a week and she would contact me when ready to see the prototypes. Within five days I heard back from her and she was ready to show me the first pose. Still I was not getting my hopes up, not this time. When she tp’ed me to the place where she creates I saw she had a male alt set up and the pose balls ready. She hopped on, put the male alt into position and omg… I mean, O M G, was I amazed! It was EXACTLY what I had hoped for! I could not have asked for a better rendition of the pose from the magazine ad. She even corrected the placement of the legs to account for that great way SL has of distorting our bodies, it was perfect! My mouth fell open and I immediately went into gushing mode. She had done what I thought was not possible. Created a couples pose from a flat one dimensional picture that will, when I show it to you blow your mind.

Now having said that, I am not going to be showing you the pose in this post. I know, I know, I’m a tease but I want to photograph it perfectly for art purposes before I let it loose on the public. I am however posting a couple of pictures she provided me with of the unique pose stand she sells. I suggest you go take a look, if you’re interested in a pose stand that does not distort SL clothing.
That said, with this post, I wanted to push EnCore Mayne into the limelight as fast as I could. This girl has a small, very small, extremely small place where she sells poses and that distinctive pose stand, and it’s called Behold.

EnCore Mayne needs to be recognized if not only for her truly obvious talents but because she’s a very deserving person and I want her talents to be brought forward and appreciated by many others in SL that love a good pose. I know this girl is going to make it big in SL.

Not only did I find my go to person for custom poses in the future but I’ve made a fast friend as well.

Believe me when I tell you if you’re looking for a custom pose EnCore Mayne is the girl to contact.

Since then EnCore has made the second pose for me that I contracted her to make in the beginning and friends, dear readers, I have to tell you it’s as magnificent as the first. Everything I wanted and more.

When I do photograph these poses I will be certain to remind you from whom I got them and deserves the credit for making the photos what I hope they will become.

You can contact EnCore Mayne in world or visit her little place at:

EnCore Mayne – Behold
BEHOLD Events, Choerom (239, 139, 102)


Anonymous said...

wow! am i that good? a veritable pose Goddess? surely you exaggerate? i'm happy you have appreciated my work enough to give me coverage here in your blog. i had fun bending them for you and i'm looking forward to seeing your shots. thanks again love. it's a pleasure.

TeenaB said...

Always love a new poser, and Cherie never steers us wrong.

/me TPs!

Cherie Parker said...

If you're looking for something custom, this is your girl. No doubt. Luv ya EnCore!

Anonymous said...

So this explains your anti-SCD stance