Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Word of the day begins with P

Not that word you sickos! Purrrr. That’s the name of the newest creation from the two awesome minds behind Reasonable Desires, Austie Pegler and Martini Joliat. Austie dropped this on me today and I couldn’t wait to slip this on!

Keeeute! Of course that’s not what my partner said but... ahem, I can’t repeat that here. The fact that this is just smokin hot is only half the good news. The rest is, if you don’t happen to like the pink I’m wearing, you can change it, it’s tintable!

Those two, they think of everything. I’m never disappointed when I get something from them. It’s always perfect, always complete and most of the time, it’s hotter than my grandma’s griddle after cooking up a batch of pancakes. Four perfect pieces, top, bottom, flexi mini trim and hot stockings complete this lingerie set.

At only $150L it’s a steal! So get yourself over to Reasonable Desires at and pick one up for yourself, you won’t be disappointed… and neither will your other half. *Mutters to herself as she slaps her partners hands away.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Lethal Combination

Dear Sachi,
Thank you for sending me your newest dress Samantha. Yes, I know, I know what you’re thinking “don’t thank me Cherie, just wear it”. Not sure I can do that actually. Well, let me explain. I wore your new dress today. Yep, perfect color of gold that it was. I paired it up with some new skin, by Damiani called Gabrielle, Bax Coen’s new ankle boots, Mej & Mau’s new hair and left off the jewelry because the dress is just stunningly gorgeous without it.

Anyways… so I proceeded to go shopping wearing your new dress when I noticed I was being followed around by several guys on the same shopping sim.

Quickly I looked around to see if the back of my skirt was stuck inside my panties or something but no, your dress was just fine. Gorgeous as always and flawlessly perfect as is your usual and customary way. I checked my makeup in my compact and as always the skin by Pompeja Rossini was as flawless as your dress. No, nothing seemed out of place or out of the ordinary.

So I thought well I’ll just tp off this sim and onto another and guess what? That’s right... not long after arrival another group of guys were following me around!! Finally I decided to tp to the safety of my own home where before long my partner arrived.

He’s staring at me… and I ask. What is going on today?? First the stalkers and now you! Do I have something stuck in my teeth? A sign on my back?

No he says... it’s just your look today. It’s perfect. The skin, the hair, the dress, they’re perfect! Sigh… *EDITED FOR CONTENT* *SHORT COMMERCIAL BREAK*

Anyway Sachi, thanks again for the dress… however I’m not sure I’ll be wearing it outside the house much anymore even though it is perfect and I love it, I just can’t handle the stalkers it seems to attract.

Must be that slit up the front of the skirt that drives the guys crazy, shows a lot of Damiani’s new skin.

As always keep up the good work and thanks for thinking of me.

Best Regards,
Cherie Parker

Samantha comes in six different colors and sells for $500 with two skirt combinations
Damiani skin- Gabrielle sells for $1500 for two makeups and $7500 for the fatpack

Adam and Eve -
Damiani- Plush Micron (194, 101, 24)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

EdDesigns- Edde Edman Lives

For all of you out there wondering what happened to Edde Edman, owner and creator of EdDesigns well I’m here to tell you he is alive and kicking! He’s just moved his business to a new sim which has fantastic new build.

Everyone that knows Edde knows he is the creative force behind some amazingly realistic skins, eyes, eyelashes, shoes, and jewelry. So if you’ve been wondering how to find him again follow the link below to see his astonishing new build and his stunning artistry in skin and accessories.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Favorite Color

Blouse by Beauty Avatar-Philadelphia Purple/Skin by Beauty Avatar- Nefertiti Natural 14
Hair by AVZ- Widowhair Black

Sunday, June 8, 2008

No Drama

There’s nothing like the sound of a train whistle at night to calm and soothe me if life has been exceptionally unkind or stressful. To hear that forlorn call of the steel rail leading off to a place unknown, mystery and eventually to disappear into the darkness makes my soul relax and my mind drift off riding tramp in a car pulled behind that big engine.

I know you’re wondering what this has to do with drama right? Well… this is how I deal with drama... rl- sl... doesn’t matter. In fact for me both rl and sl cross paths so much now its hard to say, what is drama here and not drama that I take with me out of sl into rl?

I hear people say “no drama” as if they’re holding up the sign of a cross to a vampire here in sl. It’s become a slogan, a slang an overused vernacular. I can practically see them shaking their heads, backing away and waving their hands in a vigorous denial of what they’re faced with.

For anyone faced with another who expresses passion, opinions or stand up to what they feel is right or wrong, somehow they are then labeled with a red circle, a slash through it with big bold letter of NO DRAMA comfortably cradled inside.

It’s kind of sad to me. I don’t really understand why this life would be that much different than real life. I mean here we work, we play, we love, we interact, in real life we do the same.

Is there drama in real life? Of course there is. So you say, I have enough in real life… I don’t want it here. Fine. Then might I suggest becoming an android and developing the sense of no emotion?

I realize everyone is different here. Again, I see no difference from real life. We’re different there as well.

But if you do work here, play here, love here or even interact here, how does one expect not to encounter drama at some point? And why is drama the leper of sl?

People have come to use the term “drama” as an excuse for a lack of accountability; they can hide behind it, and use it as a shield in order to not face something of opposition.

Sometimes drama is required for justice, what is right, clearing the air and developing a common understanding from people.

Drama has its good side and its bad side. Do I want a stalker in rl? No. Do I want one here in sl? Again, no. But do I want to interact with people, share with friends, live and work in sl? Yes. So at some point conflict or drama will raise it’s not so ugly head.

Drama is good. And so is conflict when used properly to resolve a situation.

Drama is a part of life. We love, we lose, we play, we get hurt, we work, we get frustrated, we interact, and we differ.

In the end we are all faced with drama in this life and our rl. Not only does it continue to help you define your character but also teaches you how to deal with complicated issues… accept diversity, different cultures and different perspectives. To say no to drama is actually saying I’m not willing to learn, grow, or change my opinion ever.

We’re adults, or we’re supposed to be. We’re supposed to have had life experience to teach us how to deal with difficult situations. If you haven’t, then its time you do and drama is a fine teacher.

As always, this is just my opinion, which doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the management, staff, public, pet, oddball or any other entity I failed to mention. There, that’s my disclaimer.

Have a nice day, and embrace the drama.

Monday, June 2, 2008