Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Fashion Revisited

Now I realize I'm behind the times but it's never to late to revisit items that just scream fashion sense. I'm not only talking about the items themselves but also the cost. Free is our friend. And no one seems to do free better than PixelDolls. Check out these great jeans that I picked up for free! You get a bundle of colors, vests, jackets...everything the fashionable avi needs to step out and it costs you nada... zip... ZERO lindens. Excellent detail and fine for mixing and matching. I say run, don't walk to PixelDolls to pick up your free set today. My next great find I'm wearing is the Military jacket in mustard from MG Fashions. Its warm, its great for fall and easy to dress up with a nice scarf from the Peepul set at BareRose. Now who could live without boots for fall eh? No one in their right fashion mind. So I'm pairing today's outfit with Bloom boots from Maitreya in Olive and plan to head back soon for the rest of the colors... yes, I have kicked myself for not picking up the color packs, no need to remind me. Alright... today's mission is to find more fashion sense out there on the grid... anyone want to point me in the right direction?

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