Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beautiful Byte Island

I know you all will be sad to hear I’m not weighing in on the most recent blog entries on bush whacking or no bush whacking… I’ll save that for another time. And I realize this isn’t a fashion post, however my beautiful photo studio is located on Byte Island and I thought I would let everyone know there are places available for rent for your shop as well. Later I do plan on posting a fashion related post, perhaps showing some skin as well as checking out if I should go carpet or smooth surface. ;)

Contact Fricker Fraker for more information. Slurl : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Byte%20Island/137/33/25

The Garden Shops on Byte Island.
The shops range in size from 100 prim rentals to 500 prim and are directly connected with a walkway to the Romantic Tree Garden.

The rentals are designed to be beautiful and classy to showcase your products.
IM Fricker Fraker for any additional info on the shops.

If you chose to rent a shop here, IM Fricker Fraker to have a Garden Shop Group tag added to your profile so that you may begin to place your products in the shop.

The Garden Shops on Byte Island #1
Price Per Week = 650
Prims = 500

The Garden Shops on Byte Island #2 - #6
Price Per Week = 350
Prims = 100

The Garden Shops on Byte Island #7, #8
Price Per Week = 450
Prims = 200

Byte Island is a residential Island in general except for the Romantic Tree Garden and The Garden Shops. If you would like to own a parcel on Byte Island and live on this beautiful sim, all you need to do is look at the map for parcels that are for sale or look them up at http://www.thefrickerfoundation.com/

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