Friday, May 16, 2008

No I'm Not Dead

I know I haven’t posted anything recently from the fashion industry but dangit, I’ve been busy… so today I’m going to list all the things I’ve been behind on.

It seems that work, rl or sl has been putting out its virtual foot and tripping me up lately and I really need to get back to posting about fashion and fashion finds.

I don’t have the time to go into a full blown review on each item so I’m just going to list them here, show you the pictures, give you the prices and let you go check them out for yourselves.

From my point of view I really like these new items and while I’m sure there might be some minor issues someone could find, I just wasn’t in the mood to look.

I mean come on, I haven’t been shopping since gambling was kicked out of SL… ok that might be a bit of an exaggeration but that’s how it feels. So with that in mind, I bring you three things to view and salivate over today.

First this cute little outfit called Candy from Kotobuki Jewel of Bijou. A sexy little high waisted, cropped pant number with flexy leggings that just feels darling! I love where this pant length ends on the leg and how very Lois Lane it makes me feel. Comes in five colors, purple, yellow, red , green & white and sells for only $270!! Quite the bargain.

Next is the new skin by Detour. Two versions Kelly and Lisa. Same skin color but different make up. Had to have them both as they both had makeup’s I liked and well being the skin whore I am, I just had to have them. Cute no? Each set comes with four different makeup's and the set costs $3000L. No individual skins for sale that's my only real gripe.

Next is the long over due showing of Adam & Eve’s Fae outfit Winirose. Forgive me Sachi for taking so long to get this out but I swear I’m being timed by the nano second lately and it’s just been crazy trying to get anything posted on my blog. While I’m not really into Fae this outfit is as cute as they come. As usual great detail as can be expected from Sachi Vixen and great value. Three skirt versions and look at these cute wings! Comes in six colors, Lilac, Green, Blue, Peach, Pink and Natural. Sells for $450L.

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