Sunday, May 25, 2008

Safari Anyone?

Who’s game? Well if you are, Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve has tossed out an adorable, new, yet to be released dress from her catwalk collection called Zebra.

It just makes you want to whip out that Nikon, put on your Pith helmet, spray liberally with bug repellant and hop up on the jeep! Ok maybe not... but it is so cute!!!

And! And!!! For a limited time only, that being the next 30 hours its hidden somewhere in the store of Adam n Eve for you to find and buy for only $1L!!!

You heard me right, only $1L if you can find it!! So get thee over to the safari hunt and find that square pink box that holds Zebra before Sachi takes it down and sells it for the regular price of $300L. Low price anyway but when you can get it for $1L do it!

I don’t want to see anyone out there with an elephant gun though… so put those down and back away slowly.


Heidi Stiglitz said...

I wasn't able to find it earlier when I was looking, but I intend to go back later on tonight.

Where did the shoes in the picture come from?

Cherie Parker said...

The shoes are from The Hub.