Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Damiani Skins Review and Lust

New skin. I can hardly think of two words more welcome in Second Life. Just saying them calls up visions of fabulous original ideas and tantalizing new makeup styles.

Say it and the tongue does a little jig then curls up and purrs like a cat on a pillow. Ahhh.

I love new skin, can you tell? Well today dear reader, I had the extreme pleasure, the down right seduction, and the overwhelming joy of receiving from my good friend Pompeja Rossini a couple of brand spanking new skins from Damiani Skins/PomJ Fashion.

A relatively new store from the creative minds of Pompeja Rossini and her partner KaoZ Koba currently located at According to Pompeja, she does the skins makeup while KaoZ does the skin detail. And from what I’ve seen, these two work fabulously together.

I feel awfully silly saying this but I was actually trembling as I tried on my first Damiani skin. Logically I know this is foolish, it’s not really scary, it’s certainly no ones King Kong, it won’t cook me and eat me, its skin for crying out loud! But tremble I did. Anticipation and worry that it might not meet up to my over exacting, anal retentive, must be perfect expectations!!! I shook. Sigh.

The truth is skin is kind of mysterious. As it happens, it’s kind of fickle at times. Sometimes it loves our shapes, sometimes it downright loathes them. Consequently I’ve bought skins in the past that while initially I thought looked good, turned out to be a very bad decision based on having to change my shape for a runway show or for a magazine photo shoot. A deep sadness overcomes me when I think of that.

But not today! Today I bring you two hot, original, maximum enjoyment skins that just keep on making my day better and better…arrr, arrr, arrr!! I feel myself channeling Tim Allen just thinking how lucky I am!

The skin fair starts in a mere three days and this skin WILL be featured there but I am one of the lucky, lucky girls to have their sweaty little virtual palms wrapped firmly around these pixels.

Michelle skin Sophisticated and Michelle skin Fair are the two skins I’ll show you today from Damiani skins. Although there is a darker tanned version of Michelle, I chose to go with the two lighter versions and play with the sliders to see how dark I could make them. Yes, that’s right they are modifiable! Not only can you change the pigment of the skin, but the glossiness of the lips and some highlighting details of the eye shadow as well. Oh my I was in slider heaven moving those numbers around, twisting those pixels to serve my will! Am I starting to sound maniacal? Oh well, it’s my skin now dang-it I can do what I want with it!!

Ahem. Anywho, for dignity’s sake I wish I could rein this back a bit but I just can’t. Take one look at those pictures, that creamy skin, the perfect pixel combinations the details of the collarbone, perfect shading of the breasts, inner elbow definitions and oh dear lawd the makeup. Look at that makeup! Doesn’t it just make you want to tear off all your clothes, run up to your partner/spouse/significant other/jealous friend/worst enemy and scream LOOK AT ME! It did me. But for the sake of the children- ok I don’t have any children but for the sake of my dignity- don’t say it- I didn’t.

I will tell you the lips on this skin are some of the best I’ve ever seen made in Second Life and I have all the top name skins because yes, I am a skin addict. No twelve step program can help me baby. The eye makeup on this skin is simply sheer fun. Color coordinating eye makeup with complementing lips tips the scale of this skin from really good to great. The eyebrows are perfectly shaped and colored not to dark, not to light with just enough realism to make the whole look work ideal together. I didn’t have to change my shape one bit to fit this skin. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Michelle Sophisticated is slightly lighter than Michelle Fair and both have the same makeup combinations. Although according to Pompeja Rossini, sometime next week will be a new release of a whole slew of glam makeup for the Michelle line! Already new makeup… *cries.

Another thing I want to mention before I forget are the seams of this skin. Everyone who knows me knows how picky I am about seams. But the seams on the Damiani skins are done exceptionally well. Even in the really hard to hide areas of the tummy they did a superb job. If this is their first attempts at skinning, I can’t wait to see how far they progress in the future.

Now everyone knows I have to pick on something so I won’t disappoint you this time. ;) However it’s not much. The only thing I can find to critique on this skin are the bits. They are slightly out of focus and the southern bits are bare with not as much detail as some may want and no current carpet option. But since I’m not one to go around showing my bits to every Phillip/Torley/Pathfinder there is, I’m not too concerned. And as luck would have it, Pompeja told me she’s currently working on an underpants layer of carpet for Michelle and will include it in all future packs.

In all seriousness this skin line has displaced one other in my top 5 rank of best skins in my inventory. I’m happy to say that it’s this humble ink slingers opinion that the Damiani skins should do well in the Second Life skin market. It’s shaded nicely, with great makeup, well done overall. I’m pleased as punch to have it and bring it here for you to see and drool over.

If you want to get this skin now you can find it at but they are going to be moving possibly as soon as next week to a new grand location at plush micron 170,85,22 so go today or next week but go visit Damiani Skins/PomJ Fashion.

Thank you Pompeja and KaoZ for sharing your latest creation with me, I wish you both all the luck and success you deserve. Great job!
Two makeup choices $1500L

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