Monday, February 4, 2008

Integrity- Do You Have It?

So many people in Second Life. So many that claim to care about content theft. So many that love the original content creators. If that’s true, get off your asses and do something about it now. Make your voice heard. It will take you all of one minute at the most to log into Jira and VOTE to lend your voice towards stopping these heinous acts against some of our greatest content creators and designers.

I for one am devastated that Minnu may never make another skin and that someone as talented as Emila Redgrave would actually consider leaving Second Life because no one in power seems to be listening. For the love of great, original and stunning design, please click the link and VOTE. As Tigerlily Koi said, there are about 3000 in the Calla group alone. Please, please make your voice count!

Also I want to remind people what Sachi Vixen from Adam n Eve said about her skins which I think is a valiant and admirable attempt to stop thieves in their tracks:

My PROMISE to you - If one of my skins is stolen and is offered for a lesser price, please do NOT buy it. Contact me and tell me where it is for sale by thieves and when I have verified that the skin is mine I will give it to you for free, you have no need to purchase from thieves, if you tell me about them, I will reward you with the item myself. This is the best way that I can think of to stop the thief in his tracks by making his product as worthless as he is trying to make mine. I will give it to you rather than let him profit from it.” – Sachi Vixen

Go to to see the entire article.

There is a way to stop this and together, with enough great minds at work and enough people willing to step up, it can happen! So be Blunt, come forward and ask people, What happened to integrity?


Scar Ayres said...

Here HERE. I'm good friends with Sachi and I have nothing but love and respect for a lot of other designers that have had their work ripped off. Personally, I vote for raging lynch-mobs. Pitch-forks and flaming brands for all! >:O

Cherie Parker said...

Scar, you bring the pitchforks, I'll bring the tar and feathers. :)

Anonymous said...

yay for fighting content theft, way to go Cherie!

Anonymous said...

I am confused, you complain about content theft here yet elsewhere you excuse it?

Cherie Parker said...

That's funny Anonymous 2, but you and I both know this isn't anything remotely like content theft. Please put a sock in it. And ... have a nice day. :)