Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tuli S5 I'm in Love!

Have you seen the previews of Tuli’s new S5 skin yet? If not, please lift the rock in which you’re living under, crawl out, head straight for the Fashion Feed of SL and just scroll down a little. I feel certain you’ll see five or ten blogs that have already posted pictures.

Tuli Asturias is one of those great designers that keeps cranking out the most amazing work. In addition she has always been very generous and so very kind. I asked for and received some of her newest skins to review and boy am I ever glad I did. Normally I would say I have reservations about reviewing new skins because as everyone knows, I’m extremely picky about skin and I will tell you exactly what I think holding back nothing.

I have been know to yes, use Ctrl 0 to zoom in on seams and take glaring photos of pixilation at its worst. This time however, I am happy to tell you I had nothing to worry about. Not that I was that really all that concerned because anyone that knows Tuli’s work knows she’s a perfectionist at everything she does from clothing to skin.

This skin is no different in that it’s just sheer perfection. The makeup is incredible, the skin tones and shading stunning and those lips, omg no one does lips like Tuli.

Take a look at these photos I shot, completely untouched. This skin is divine. In the pictures I’m showing the three skins I liked best and had time to review.

Tuli S5 Med Glam 1, Tuli S5 Pale Rebel 2 and Tuli S5 Tan Diva 2.

The S5 skin line has 7 skin tones Pale, Asian, Light, Medium, Tan, Exotic and Goth.
The initial release will offer a choice of 8 makeup packs per tone, including Diva, Glam, Lace, Natural, Natural Freckles, Rebel, Sweet and Tears. Each pack contains 3 versions, but all of her makeups will be available in singles.

The release date for this line of skins is February 7th, 12 am SL time, only at the main store in Le Zoo, just a few days away. You can make it, just take a few deep breaths and know that in a mere five days these skins can be yours.

Le Zoo - Shops & Entertainment, Le Zoo (61, 166, 21)

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