Friday, February 8, 2008

NAIMA- New Name New Location

Just a quick blurb to let you all know that great little shop I blogged back in October has changed names AND locations. Originally known as Naima Emporio, it is now simply known as NAIMA.

The owner is the same, the clothing still as fresh and original as before and the new location is simply magnificent. You've got to get time to go see this store. Very clean, very modern and ultra chic.

I managed to pluck up this uber cute, extra mini sculpted skirt while I was there courtesy of my good friend MariaBeatriz Beck, who also is the one that alerted me to the new store location. Thanks Maria!

You can find the new and improved NAIMA at: NAIMA Store, Clothes & Boots, Lagoon (66, 39, 21)

NAIMA Black Leather Sculpted Skirt- $250

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