Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Chronicals of NAIMA

You know, for a long time, I’ve been searching for a specific type of jacket here in SL and just haven’t had any luck.

But last night my luck changed. A friend of mine, Naiman Broome owner of Naima Fashions drops this package on me out of the blue simply named, “NaimaNYJAcket” and says- “hey…try this on and let me know what you think”. Very film noir I thought. ”Pssst… the blue turtle fly’s at noon.”

Anyway, I proceeded to open the package and what did I find? Eleven sculpted pieces and five jacket styles for the elusive jacket I have been hunting in SL!

That short, sexy, closed at the bottom, opened at the top bomber jacket with a high neck collar, oh yeah baby, I finally found you-ahhhh my quest is over.

Naiman has done it again. I’ve always loved Naiman’s work ever since I first discovered it. But over time he has gotten even better. Every time I pick up something new at his shop I am delighted to see just how much he has advanced and improved his technique and style.

Honestly this time I think he has outdone himself. This jacket is simply a work of art. The detail is stunning and the 3D shadowing its just amazing. Put this jacket on and you feel as if you’re really wearing a garment, a jacket not a texture.

I talked to Naiman about it and found out the NY jacket is the result of three months of hard work. Well-it shows. This jacket is not only stylish and very sexy but as versatile as any piece of clothing item as I’ve seen in SL. It can be worn with skirts, jeans, dressy pants, capris, shorts you name it.

The NY jacket comes with options of closed at the bottom link or fully open to pair with shirts and undershirts of your choice. The collar has several choices open or closed, hood up or down. It also comes with a choice of shadow or no shadow your preference, but I love the 3D shadow work. It just adds to the overall realism of this article of clothing. He’s even made a version for larger breasted women and smaller breasted, he’s thought of everything when it comes to this jacket.

It comes in ten truly brilliant color choices and sells for only $380L. All sculpted pieces can be modified to meet your particular body needs.

Take a look at the pictures and tell me this isn’t one of the hottest jackets you’ve seen in a long time. Right now I would love to stay and gush on about it but I have an plane waiting for take off on the runway and I don’t want to be late. Bomber jacket on, check, I’m ready for takeoff!
PS Guys, don't feel left out- Naiman is currently working on a male version just for you. :)

Get your copy now at NAIMA-


Dahlia Eilde (Bonnie) said...

YAY! A good open-front cropped jacket is so hard to find, so thank you for making this find easier! I'd say it's a must have.

Cherie Parker said...

You're welcome! I love Naima!! Go shop girl and get on the plane!