Saturday, March 29, 2008

I <3 LA

Well guys, you didn’t have to wait long for Naiman Broome to fulfill your latest style wish. As promised here is the newly release LA Jacket for men!

The LA Jacket for men comes in several yummy colors but I chose the dark brown and sexah black to show you guys.

Ahem, excuse me while I become a guy to model these for you. I promise not to scratch, belch, fart or yell at the TV while wearing this, as its way to tasteful for that.

As with the previous NY Jacket for the ladies, this jacket comes with four jacket style choices and twelve sculptie pieces for you to pick and choose from to obtain the look you want to define. Closed jacket, open jacket, closed neck, open neck. And each piece is modifiable so you can fit those huge guns you guys like to sport.

I paired the jacket with a nice sweater from Armidi, some regular jeans and some low boots and I liked the look. All together this look is so hot I wanted to pick myself up.

As customary for Naima, the texture work on the LA Jacket is just to die for. Such realism overall you feel as if you could just run your fingers over the soft, supple leather of this jacket and feel the hide warm to your touch.

It’s a great jacket, and so easy to modify even I can do it and I have trouble forming a prim.

Just released last night guys so if you want to be the first to get it, head on over to Naima at: NAIMA- and pick one up. Selling at only $480 for the quality and number of pieces it’s a real bargain.

Well alas I must exit man land and head back to my feminine side before I start to want to take something apart, crawl under the hood of a car, stare at girls chests instead of their eyes and eat anything that doesn’t eat me first.

So until next time, enjoy the new Naima LA Jacket, and remember, in LA you could be the next discovered star.


LA Jacket- $480

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