Tuesday, March 4, 2008

photoLIFE Model Search

Think you've got what it takes to be photoLife Model search and win $L 5,000, a gorgeous house worth 15k, have your face be in the photoLIFE ads, and recieve a photoLIFE studio (OM-10) ?

Yes ?

So read below :

The hunt is on for the FACE of photoLife. After doing research with several photographers and photo studio owners, OomPoppaMowMow Snookums armed himself with statistics on photo studio requirements started the creation of photoLIFE.His goal was to build a photo studio unlike any other in Second Life. He would handle all the scripting and building himself leaving nothing to chance. This would allow him to make certain all scripting was done to his exacting details.photoLIFE is looking for a model for the FACE of photoLIFE.The chosen model will:

1. Recieve 5k$L
2. Receive a gorgeous house worth 15k$L
3. Be eligible for modeling school with InStyle Fashion Agency
4. Have her face be in the photoLIFE ads
5. Recieve a photoLIFE studio (OM-10).

There will be a Top 5 chosen and they will each receive a 1K cash prize and a photoLIFE studio (OM-10).To be eligible you must be female. And be willing to work with photoLIFE to set up events that you will be able to attend as a photo model and pose for pictures.Most events will happen sometime between 12pm SLT and 10pm SLT, please dont apply if you cannot make exceptions to be available during requested hours for events.

1. Must be female
2. Must be available for March 30, 2008 @ 2pm for the PhotoLIFE launch event and voting
3. Be open for other events as they come up (we will work with you on planning)
4. Create the folder as requested

If you think this may be you please follow the directions below.**Any failure to follow the instructions as laid out will be cause for removal from the contest.**

1. Create a folder and name it "photoLIFE Model Search - Avatar name"
2. Put 1 face shot, no outworld effects please, named "photoLIFE model face- avatar name" into the folder
3. Put one body shot, no outworld effects please, no nudity, named "photoLIFE model body- avatar name" into the folder. (AT LEAST ONE PHOTO MUST BE TAKEN using the photoLIFE studio the OM-10, either your face shot or body shot, they are set up at photoLIFE).
4. Create a notecard named "photoLIFE Model note - avatar name", include:a. your nameb. your SL birthdayc. time you are generally available in SL (pls use SL time)
5. Drop the entire folder onto Teena Basevi's Profile no later then Sunday March 9, 2008 11:59pm SLT
6. Accept the Group Invite to photoLIFE to await further news.

Top 5 choices will be annnounced in the photoLIFE group on March 17, 2008 at 10am SLT (pending SL allowing people in and all that jazz).The winner will be chosen by vote by the event attendees on March 30th.

Any questions please IM or send a notecard to Teena Basevi.deadline is march 9th to have photo folders to Teena Basevi.

REMINDER: At least one photo must be taken on the OM-10!!Thank you and Good Luck!

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