Monday, March 10, 2008

Prima Di Elaganza Fashion Show Review

March 9th, 2008 the first fashion show held at Bellalgio was presented by Premiere Modeling amongst a crowd of the fashion hungry who’s who went well despite SL having its way with us in many ways, on different levels of frustration. Everyone involved in the Prima Di Eleganza show worked hard to pull off a dazzling fashion extravaganza featuring the dynamic works of VictoriaV, Milady’s Fancy, Styles of Edo, Indyra Originals and shoes by Zhao.

VictoriaV McMillan is ready to show the SL fashion world she's still got style. VictoriaV makes stylish outfits that range from business boardroom to elegant evening gowns. The stunning heels showcased were of course provided by the uber creative mind of Melanie Zhao of Zhao shoes. VictoriaV has class and refined style towards the taste of simple yet elegant. Not overly textured or wild couture by any means her work has a following that seems to be growing larger day by day. Simplicity in design will always have a place in the fashion world and VictoriaV seems to have that down pat.

Fomenting fashion revolution clearly isn't the aim of Rachel Darling of Milady’s Fancy. Rather, the designer continues her quiet evolution, adding tailoring and texture to the super sequined mini dress designed to bring the eye towards the hip where its transparent texture is best utilized. Anything to write home about? Perhaps not. But there is something to be said for ably translating trends into simple, well-priced looks that make an attractive, anonymous addition to a wardrobe. And that something might be, "Put it on my credit card."
As luck would have it SL decided to chew me up and spit me out about the time the show rolled around to Styles of Edo therefore I lack pictures and information on that section. The same fate befalls the latest from Indyra Originals. I did manage to snap a couple of pics of three of the designs by Indyra before once again I was scattered to the four winds by the gods of SL, never to return.

There were several VIP’s I saw in attendance and had a chance to snap pics of including the CEO of VictoriaV, Vasgez McMillan as well as VictoriaV McMillan herself. Standing nearby you also see Alix Abruzzo owner of the Bellagio.

I will say that despite all of the issues in SL during the show, everyone from the models to the management of Bellagio worked non stop to ensure the best show possible. Well organized and held on a truly spectacular runway, all the models involved worked thru horrific lag, non attachment curses and asset server issues to still make the show appear seamless and without a hitch. Coming from the runway side myself I know what those girls went through and kudos to them for their hard work.

The Bellagio estate on the Isle of Dreams, is simply the grandest build I have seen in SL. It really IS the Bellagio, and if you’ve ever been to Vegas you know what I mean. I for one was stunned at the sheer magnitude of the complete Bellagio landscape. The buildings are magnificent as are the grounds. The shops are well laid out and easily accessible. Clearly this is a place to come if you choose to be pampered in style for a day, two or more. Nothing less than perfection would be expected from Bellagio and to my great delight I was not disappointed.

Special thanks to Pat Hartono, Bellagio Fashion Coordinator and Alix Abruzzo, BellagioOwner for inviting me to this show and I look forward to being in attendance for many more to come.

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Alix said...

Thanks for the nice comments, we really had a great time doing the show and look forward to inviting you to the next one. Thanks for everything!