Monday, April 21, 2008

12 New Makeups @ Damiani!

I’ve got good news! Remember a couple of weeks ago I showed you the new release Isabelle, from Pompeja Rossini and KaoZ Koba of Damiani’s Skin ? Well she’s baaaaaaack! And with 12 new makeups!!

That’s right readers you heard it hear first, twelve more makeup options for the Isabelle line, in addition to the twelve released earlier this month! That’s… *counts on fingers- 24!! And they are just gorgeous!

Check out the pictures above for the latest makeup releases, they are just fab! I do love having such a wide variety of choices, not limiting me to just four lipstick colors and one eye color.

Isabelle individual skins are $1500L, $3500L for a six pack and $15,000L for the entire enchilada 12 pack.

You can find Damiani at: Plush Micron (194, 101, 24)

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