Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Italian Fashion became a hit in the early 1950’s when a fashion show was staged by a Count for an international show in Florence. Over the years women’s fashion choices have slowly but surely moved towards the label of “Made in Italy” whether it be Haute Couture or Prêt-à-porter.

The reason? Passion.

That’s right. When the Italians design something it’s not just a piece of clothing, or accessory, it’s a statement they wear. It’s fundamentally different than that of most Americans or other countries for that matter. For Italians, fashion is an instrument of social redemption whereby class is determined according to what one wears; elsewhere all of this is inconceivable beyond the confines of Italy, fashion is only a tool for confirming social status.

For Italians, fashion is the language of desire, the game of flirting glances and emulation that speaks of the evolution of costume, modesty and imagination over the centuries. Erotic motivations therefore dominate the impulse that determines ones choice in clothing or accessories.

It’s true. And I think more and more its true elsewhere in the world. Think about that last item of clothing or article you bought that would accessorize, and think of what you were saying to yourself as you made the decision to buy. “Oh, these will look hot.” “Do these make my ass look good?” Passion driven. To look your best, most desirable.

Well recently I learned of a new Italian designer and had the brilliant luck of having some of his designs dropped on me to review. His name, Moketti Broome of Mokoptica - Glasses & Sunglasses.

The photos above show a few of the designs Moketti was kind enough to leave with me. And believe me, when I put them on, I felt the passion slide over me. These sunglasses are clearly designed with a zest for fashion accessory perfection. The texture work is magnificent. The design, shape and overall look of the glasses is one that will surely make you feel that fashion is indeed a language of desire. I loved the way these looked on me, each one of them, and some of them are men’s designs. Although a lot could be considered unisex.

Moketti Broome has been in Second Life ™ since May of 07. Since then he has been working towards building a business based upon his love of design and learning the skills in which to bring them in world for us to enjoy. Initially MoKetti had sculpty issues with some of his glasses but has made the proper design changes that have corrected this problem, which btw was caused by Linden Labs ™© changes in draw distance. Don’t ask me to explain further, I’m not a builder by any leap of the imagination and cannot begin to explain the problems all I know is it’s fixed now and Moketti Broomes glasses are divine.

Most of his glasses are scripted with lens color change effect, and transparency as well as bling/no bling. Of the fifteen styles Moketti Broome has currently for sale all of his glasses with the exception of one design are $300L, the other design is $350.

If you’re a fan of Italian style design, I recommend you stop by Mokoptica - Glasses & Sunglasses and check out his shop. He’s new and open to suggestions, comments ideas and feedback so don’t be afraid to send him an IM telling him what you think.

As for me, I think I’m going to go find some good Italian shoes, ones that say… come walk with me baby, slide into something slinky, put on my Moketti Agata’s and see what fun comes my way.

You can find Mokoptica - Glasses & Sunglasses http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lagoon/166/31/21

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