Monday, April 7, 2008

You all know Adam and Eve right? Sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla of Adam & Eve-of course you do. They are hardly inconspicuous. :) Their designs are seen everywhere and worn by everyone.

We all admire and love them for their OCD and how they put it to work in their designs.

Last night Sachi dropped on me one of her newest creations called Sakura. With four skirt options not including the system skirt and two jacket versions included, several different looks were quickly achieved from this one outfit.

Hard as I tried I could not find one single flaw. I swear Sachi is a perfectionist. I mean just once do you think she could send me an outfit I could find some fault with? But nooooooooooooo.


This dress and the textures used to achieve this design are just stunning. It reminds me of the finest gold satin that just glides over your body shimmering with every turn. It’s simply magnificent. The top can be worn as a sleeveless corset type or pair it with the lace shrug for a completely different look.

While Sachi doesn’t release as many items per week as say some designers, it’s clear she is the gold standard when it comes to perfection. She absolutely will not release something unless it’s perfect. So if you’re shopping for an item and don’t want to spend the time hunting because you’re worried about flaws, look no further. Just go to Adam & Eve and you’re bound to come away with a design that is not only perfection in detail but style as well.

Sakura comes in silver, gold, blue, pink, purple, black, green and red. This amazing combination of dresses in one outfit sells for $1000 and the bratpack for all colors is only $5000.

You can find Adam and Eve at :

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Arianna Psaltery said...

You look stunning :) Thanks for the pictures!