Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Re-Opening of Preciosity of Style

Press Release
For Immediate Release 29 April 2008
Brenda Clellon

Inauguration of Preciosity of Style is 2 May at 10pm Italy time. There will be a haute couture fashion show featuring the designs of Brenda Clellon.

Lory is designer Brenda Clellon's first creation, and most important original design at that, both for its impact on the fashion world, and the rave reviews received from those who purchased Lory.

Most recently, Lory was chosen by Cherie Parker, Miss Canada for the Miss Universe 2007 competition as her evening gown of choice. After having reviewed many other dress designs and designers Miss Parker chose a Brenda Clellon original to walk the runway in the magnificent Miss Universe pageant.

The final night of the pageant, Miss Parker wore Lory and walked through the great theater of dreams, a place where ladies wear beautiful dresses in an attempt to look the most magnificent of the evening.

Like very old Hollywood, Lory is a silver and gold bodice designed dress with a decidedly art deco feel flowing down the body, the hips and over the legs. The low flexy skirt hugs the hips and flows around the wearer in a circle of liquid silver and gold.
Lory has two separate skirts to surround you in a melody of silver and gold taffeta.

Don’t miss the grand opening of the new Preciosity of Style on 2 May, 2008, 10pm Italy time and the grand fashion show presented by Brenda Clellon.

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