Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Re-Opening of Preciosity of Style

Press Release
For Immediate Release 29 April 2008
Brenda Clellon

Inauguration of Preciosity of Style is 2 May at 10pm Italy time. There will be a haute couture fashion show featuring the designs of Brenda Clellon.

Lory is designer Brenda Clellon's first creation, and most important original design at that, both for its impact on the fashion world, and the rave reviews received from those who purchased Lory.

Most recently, Lory was chosen by Cherie Parker, Miss Canada for the Miss Universe 2007 competition as her evening gown of choice. After having reviewed many other dress designs and designers Miss Parker chose a Brenda Clellon original to walk the runway in the magnificent Miss Universe pageant.

The final night of the pageant, Miss Parker wore Lory and walked through the great theater of dreams, a place where ladies wear beautiful dresses in an attempt to look the most magnificent of the evening.

Like very old Hollywood, Lory is a silver and gold bodice designed dress with a decidedly art deco feel flowing down the body, the hips and over the legs. The low flexy skirt hugs the hips and flows around the wearer in a circle of liquid silver and gold.
Lory has two separate skirts to surround you in a melody of silver and gold taffeta.

Don’t miss the grand opening of the new Preciosity of Style on 2 May, 2008, 10pm Italy time and the grand fashion show presented by Brenda Clellon.

Best of Italian 120,75,23

Monday, April 21, 2008

12 New Makeups @ Damiani!

I’ve got good news! Remember a couple of weeks ago I showed you the new release Isabelle, from Pompeja Rossini and KaoZ Koba of Damiani’s Skin ? Well she’s baaaaaaack! And with 12 new makeups!!

That’s right readers you heard it hear first, twelve more makeup options for the Isabelle line, in addition to the twelve released earlier this month! That’s… *counts on fingers- 24!! And they are just gorgeous!

Check out the pictures above for the latest makeup releases, they are just fab! I do love having such a wide variety of choices, not limiting me to just four lipstick colors and one eye color.

Isabelle individual skins are $1500L, $3500L for a six pack and $15,000L for the entire enchilada 12 pack.

You can find Damiani at: Plush Micron (194, 101, 24)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What I Aspire To Be

I may be burning my bridges here, but I’ve never been that fond of them anyway. They hide trolls you know.

Anyone who knows me is aware I do a number of things here in SL. I model, I write for a well known magazine. I have this blog. I also manage a great business in the photography field. I own my own shapes business and my own photography business as well. But none of these things define who I am.

I am defined by my integrity, my morals, my character and self respect. To those, no one owns me or can persuade me to change. That being said, I write this article stating emphatically, it’s written with my opinion being the sole driver.

As many of you know, and some that don’t, ASpiRE was recently sold by Bianca Darling to new owners Kristianne Matfield and Benderoverand Hammerer of Duality Inc.

The first dreadful thing that happened to ASpiRE was the loss of Ally Geer. The second was the loss of what ASpiRE once was.

I was hired by ASpiRE about a month ago as a model. I couldn’t have been more excited if someone had handed me a million Lindens. Since rezzing into SL and becoming aware of the modeling scene, joining ASpiRE was something I dreamed of as I know it is or has been for many a new avatar.

I never did one show for them. Before I could even step one foot onto the runway, Ally Geer was gone, and Bianca Darling had sold the business.

It wasn’t long before I received a notice indicating the new owners had decided to make some sweeping policy changes. The most significant being, exclusivity of employees. Any and all models or writers that work for them must be exclusive to ASpiRE, or if working for another agency, must “wear” the tag of ASpiRE and have it made public that they are the “property” of said agency.

Now I realize in real life, this happens, I’m not stupid. But since I’ve been modeling in SL and it’s been awhile now, I have yet to work for an agency that has required not only exclusivity but in addition, the stipulation of marching over to any and every other agency you work for and expect them to promote you under their name (ASpiRE) for all the work you do.

I’m sorry, but that just seems to me like a slap in the face to every other hard working modeling agency in Second Life and they are legion.

To require another agency to publicize, market and promote a model for another agency is simply ludicrous. Why would one agency do that for another? Why in the world as a model, would I want that kind of noose around my neck? Are they guaranteeing a certain income? No. Are they even guaranteeing you work? No. Then what would be the incentive for applying such a leash? Simply having the privilege of the tag ASpiRE branded on the collar around my neck is just not enough for this girl.

As if that isn’t enough, let’s look at what one of the new owners of ASpiRE is saying about one of the hardest working designers in Second Life. Check the comments:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including myself. But it would seem to me, if someone is in the business of representing designers in Second Life, one would be a bit more cautious of what is publicly said about them.

All that considered, I know a lot of you are thinking- “dayum Cherie, you’ve done it now, any chance at a future contract with ASpiRE you’ve just chewed up and swallowed”. Well, that may be so. But as I said, modeling does not define me. I am many things. Honest, hard working, loyal and yes, blunt. So if you’re looking for a “yes” woman, look somewhere else. I know how to spell “NO” and when to say it.

My self respect is a lot more valuable to me than any membership in an exclusive club.
/end rant

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Skin in Town

Guess what?? There is a new skin in town! That’s right, making her debut this week is Damiani’s latest skin Isabelle by the creative force of Pompeja Rossini and KaoZ Koba.

I am such a skin whore.

Damiani’s latest stunning creation comes with twelve different make up styles and is just scrumptious. I love the makeup! This time around they added much more depth to the eyes, something I adore about Damiani’s skin and added the choice of carpet or no carpet. The variety of lip colors vary to match the eye colors and are truly magnificent with quite the stylish flair.

The body is subtle and the definitions are exceptional including the stomach, legs, inside of the elbows, hands, back and feet. It’s clear they put a lot of work into this new skin and Isabelle shows it. The seams are done so well you really have to know where to look to find them. These guys really know how to work a texture.

If I had to find a flaw and it’s REALLY hard to do, the eyebrows could be a bit heavier and the nipples with more color and definition. As luck would have it, I contacted Pompeja and asked her on her next skin line to make the eyebrows bigger. And guess what?? She’s doing it right now! I probably shouldn’t be letting the cat out of the bag yet but yes, she’s already working on her next skin line! No release date yet, but when I know, you'll know! With the results of Isabelle being so yummy I am understandably excited and anxious for the next set of skins! And yes, I will say it again.

I am such a skin whore.

The team of Rossini and Koba are quickly becoming known for their brilliant skin work in SL. They just keep impressing me with their hard work, diligence and artistic ability. Isabelle skin is sure to be one you’ll want, even if your buldging inventory does cry a little every time you shop. ;) (said the skin whore who just topped over 45K)

Isabelle individual skins are $1500L, $7500L for a six pack and $15,000L for the entire enchilada 12 pack.

You can find Damiani at: Plush Micron (194, 101, 24)

Monday, April 7, 2008

You all know Adam and Eve right? Sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla of Adam & Eve-of course you do. They are hardly inconspicuous. :) Their designs are seen everywhere and worn by everyone.

We all admire and love them for their OCD and how they put it to work in their designs.

Last night Sachi dropped on me one of her newest creations called Sakura. With four skirt options not including the system skirt and two jacket versions included, several different looks were quickly achieved from this one outfit.

Hard as I tried I could not find one single flaw. I swear Sachi is a perfectionist. I mean just once do you think she could send me an outfit I could find some fault with? But nooooooooooooo.


This dress and the textures used to achieve this design are just stunning. It reminds me of the finest gold satin that just glides over your body shimmering with every turn. It’s simply magnificent. The top can be worn as a sleeveless corset type or pair it with the lace shrug for a completely different look.

While Sachi doesn’t release as many items per week as say some designers, it’s clear she is the gold standard when it comes to perfection. She absolutely will not release something unless it’s perfect. So if you’re shopping for an item and don’t want to spend the time hunting because you’re worried about flaws, look no further. Just go to Adam & Eve and you’re bound to come away with a design that is not only perfection in detail but style as well.

Sakura comes in silver, gold, blue, pink, purple, black, green and red. This amazing combination of dresses in one outfit sells for $1000 and the bratpack for all colors is only $5000.

You can find Adam and Eve at :

Friday, April 4, 2008

Two More

Shameless Self Promotion

Besides writing this blog, writing articles for The Best of SL magazine, having my own shapes business and being the director of photoLIFE, I also do photography in Second Life™. I'm posting just a few shots I've done recently that I had alot of fun with. I hope you enjoy them.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Italian Fashion became a hit in the early 1950’s when a fashion show was staged by a Count for an international show in Florence. Over the years women’s fashion choices have slowly but surely moved towards the label of “Made in Italy” whether it be Haute Couture or Prêt-à-porter.

The reason? Passion.

That’s right. When the Italians design something it’s not just a piece of clothing, or accessory, it’s a statement they wear. It’s fundamentally different than that of most Americans or other countries for that matter. For Italians, fashion is an instrument of social redemption whereby class is determined according to what one wears; elsewhere all of this is inconceivable beyond the confines of Italy, fashion is only a tool for confirming social status.

For Italians, fashion is the language of desire, the game of flirting glances and emulation that speaks of the evolution of costume, modesty and imagination over the centuries. Erotic motivations therefore dominate the impulse that determines ones choice in clothing or accessories.

It’s true. And I think more and more its true elsewhere in the world. Think about that last item of clothing or article you bought that would accessorize, and think of what you were saying to yourself as you made the decision to buy. “Oh, these will look hot.” “Do these make my ass look good?” Passion driven. To look your best, most desirable.

Well recently I learned of a new Italian designer and had the brilliant luck of having some of his designs dropped on me to review. His name, Moketti Broome of Mokoptica - Glasses & Sunglasses.

The photos above show a few of the designs Moketti was kind enough to leave with me. And believe me, when I put them on, I felt the passion slide over me. These sunglasses are clearly designed with a zest for fashion accessory perfection. The texture work is magnificent. The design, shape and overall look of the glasses is one that will surely make you feel that fashion is indeed a language of desire. I loved the way these looked on me, each one of them, and some of them are men’s designs. Although a lot could be considered unisex.

Moketti Broome has been in Second Life ™ since May of 07. Since then he has been working towards building a business based upon his love of design and learning the skills in which to bring them in world for us to enjoy. Initially MoKetti had sculpty issues with some of his glasses but has made the proper design changes that have corrected this problem, which btw was caused by Linden Labs ™© changes in draw distance. Don’t ask me to explain further, I’m not a builder by any leap of the imagination and cannot begin to explain the problems all I know is it’s fixed now and Moketti Broomes glasses are divine.

Most of his glasses are scripted with lens color change effect, and transparency as well as bling/no bling. Of the fifteen styles Moketti Broome has currently for sale all of his glasses with the exception of one design are $300L, the other design is $350.

If you’re a fan of Italian style design, I recommend you stop by Mokoptica - Glasses & Sunglasses and check out his shop. He’s new and open to suggestions, comments ideas and feedback so don’t be afraid to send him an IM telling him what you think.

As for me, I think I’m going to go find some good Italian shoes, ones that say… come walk with me baby, slide into something slinky, put on my Moketti Agata’s and see what fun comes my way.

You can find Mokoptica - Glasses & Sunglasses